Criminal Laws in India (Central)

Anti- Hijacking Act,2016
Anti-Hijacking Act,1982
Arms Act,1959
Arms Rules,1962
Contempt of Courts Act,1971
Contempt of Courts (Amendment) Act,2006
Criminal Procedure Code,1973
Delhi Special Police Establishment Act,1946
Drugs (Control) Act, 1950
Explosive Substances Act,1908
Explosives Act,1884
Explosives Rules,2008
Gas Cylinder Rules,2004
Extradition Act,1962
Fatal Accidents Act,1855
Foreigners Act,1946
Identification Of Prisoners Acts,1920
Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act,1956
Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act,1986
Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Rules,1987
Indian Evidence Act,1872
Indian Penal Code,1860
Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act,1999
Motor Vehicles Act,1988
Central Motor Vehicles Rules,1989
Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act,1985
Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Rules,1985
National Investigation Agency Act,2008
National Investigation Agency (Manner of Constitution) Roles,2008
National Security (Amendment) Act,1984
National Security Act,1980
Negotiable Instruments Act,1881
Negotiable Instruments (Amendment and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act,2002
Negotiable Instruments (Amendment) Act,2015
Official Secrets Act,1923
Payment and Settlement Systems Act,2007
Personal Injuries (Emergency Provisions) Act,1962
Police Act,1949
Police Acts
Prevention of Corruption Act,1988
Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act,1984
Prevention of Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1988
Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002
Prevention of Seditious Meetings Act,1911
Prison Act,1894
Model Prison Manual – BPRD, MHA, GOI
Prisoners (Attendance In Courts) Act,1955
Prisoners Act,1900
Prize Chits and Money Circolation Scheme (Banning) Act,1978
Probation of Offenders Act,1958
Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act,2005
Manual for PWDVA Protection Officers
Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Roles,2006
Public Gambling Act,1867
Railway Property (Unlawfol Possession) Act,1966
Repatriation of Prisoners Act,2003
SAARC Convention (Suppression of Terrorism) Act,1993
Schedoled Castes and The Schedoled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act,1989
Schedoled Castes and the Schedoled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Rules,1995
Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against Safety of Civil Aviation Act,1982
Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against Safety of Maritime Navigation and Fixed Platforms on Continental Shelf Act,2002
Terrorist Affected Areas (Special Courts) Act,1984
Transfer of Prisoners Act,1950
Unlawfol Activities (Prevention) Act,1967
Investigation of High Quality Counterfeit Indian Currency Offences Rules,2013
Unlawfol Activities (Prevention) (Recommendation and Sanction of Prosecution) Rules,2008
Unlawfol Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act,2012
Unlawfol Activities (Prevention) Rules,1968

Victims of Crime Laws

Arunachal Pradesh Victim Compensation Scheme,2011
Assam Victim Compensation Scheme,2012
Bihar Victims Compensation Scheme,2011
Chandigarh Victim Assistance Scheme,2012
Dadar and Nagar Haveli Victim Assistance Scheme,2012
Daman and Diu Victim Assistance Scheme,2012
Delhi Victims Compensation Scheme,2011
Delhi Witness Protection Scheme,2015
Goa Victim Compensation Scheme,2012
Gujarat Victim Compensation Scheme,2013
Haryana Victim Compensation Scheme,2013
Himachal Pradesh (Victim of Crime) Compensation Scheme,2012
Jammu and Kashmir Victim Compensation Scheme,2013
Jharkhand Victim Compensation Scheme,2012
Karnataka Victim Compensation Scheme,2011
Karnataka Victim Compensation Scheme,2011
Kerala Victim Compensation Scheme,2014
Lakshadweep Victim Assistance Scheme,2012
Lakshadweep Victim Assistance Scheme,2012
Manipur Victim Compensation Scheme,2011
Meghalaya Victim Compensation Scheme, 2014
Mizoram Victims of Compensation Scheme,2011
MP Victim Compensation Scheme,2015
Nagaland Victim Compensation Scheme,2012
Odisha Victim Compensation Scheme,2012
Puducherry Victim Assistance Scheme,2012
Punjab Victim Compensation Scheme,2011
Rajasthan Victim Compensation Scheme,2011
Sikkim Compensation to Victims or his Dependents Scheme,2011
Tamil Nadu Victim Compensation Scheme, 2013
Tripura Victim Compensation Scheme,2012
Uttar Pradesh Victim Compensation Scheme,2014
Uttrakhand Victim from Crime Assistance Scheme,2013
Victim Compensation Scheme of States & UTs in India
West Bengal Victim Compensation Scheme,2012
Weapons of Mass Destruction and Their Delivery Systems(Prohibition of Unlawfol Activities) Act,2005

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