Cyber Security

Cyber Security and Law- a Global Approach


  1. Introduction to the cybercrime and cybercrime laws
  2. Meaning and implication of Cyber Attack
  3. Geopolitics and Cyber Security
  4. Cyber Intelligence
  5. Security Threat by using Foreign Softwares
  6. A bug in your Mobile
  7. Hardware-level architecture
  8. Cyber Counter-Terrorism
  9. Fundamentals of computer security
  10. Fundamental of Network security
  11. Fundamentals of Web applications and Browser  Level Security
  12. Data protection an legal compliance
  13. Data analysis and Research
  14. Security of Cloud-based Computing
  15. US Military and Cyber War
  16. Chinese Military and Cyber War
  17. Cybersecurity Regulations in USA
  18. International Cyber Security Cooperation
  19. Cyber Crime Convention[CCC]
  20. A criminal Became data scientist
  21. Google Map and GPS System as a global threat for national security

Case study 

  1. Wikileaks
  2. Darkwebs





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