Running an aviation business and operates a non-scheduled air transport service, an air taxi service etc

The Ministry of Civil Aviation issues permits etc

through Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)

Regulations :

The Aircraft Act, 1934, and the Aircraft Rules, 1937 read with the Civil Aviation Regulations are as under:

i) Agricultural Aircraft Operators Permit No.1/1993.

ii) Non-scheduled Air Transport Permit No.1/1993.

iii) Air taxi Permit No. 2/1995.

Rule 39A of the Air-Craft Rules 1937 said that the Central Government ‘may’ debar a person permanently or temporarily from holding any licence or rating mentioned in Rule 38 if in its opinion it is necessary to do so in the public interest meaning thereby even if an individual pilot may have been actually found to be violating CAR by not giving six months notice then in such contingency, the Central Government at its discretion may debar the pilot permanently or temporarily from holding the licence.


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