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Classes of tenants

There shall be, for the purpose of this Act, the following classes of tenants, (namely) :— (1) tenure-holders, including under-tenure-holders, (2)raiyats, and (3) under-raiyats, that is to say, tenants holding whether immediately […]

Tenure-holder and Raiyat

(1) “Tenure-holder” means primarily a person who has acquired from a proprietor or from another tenure-holder a right to hold land for the purpose of collecting rents or bringing it under cultivation […]

Mysore Urban Development Authority Vs. K.M. Chikkathayamma & Ors.[ALL SC 2018 September]

September 07, 2018: LAND ACQUISITION-Any act done by the parties in relation to the subject matter of the appeals after the impugned order, cannot be pressed into service to support the impugned order. In other words, the legality and correctness of the impugned order has to be examined in the light of reasoning contained in the impugned order and not on the basis of the acts done by the parties subsequent to the passing of impugned order. It is for this reason the acts done by the party subsequent to passing of the impugned order are of no relevance for deciding the present appeals. APPEAL ALLOWED.

Vesting and Management of Ram Janmabhumi Land, Ayodhya in Central Government

All properties aforesaid which have vested in the Central Government under section 3 shall, by force of such vesting, be freed and discharged from any trust, obligation, mortgage, charge, lien and all other encumbrances affecting them and any attachment, injunction, decree or order of any court or tribunal or other authority restricting the use of such properties in any manner or appointing any receiver in respect of the whole or any part of such properties shall cease to have any effect

Commentaries on West Bengal Estates Acquisition Act 1953

the State of West Bengal

The interest of the intermediary was affected under the W.B.E.A. Act. But it is not a fact that no person other than intermediary was brought under the ambit of the W.B.E.A. Act. The words “and any of the rights of certain other persons in the lands comprised in the estates” have been inserted with retrospective effect by section 2 of the W.B.E.A. (Amendment) Act, 1961 (W.B. Act. IX of 1961). The preamble can be referred in case of any doubt in the interpretation of the provisions of a statute.