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  1. Scheme for Retired Employees of State Transport Undertakings
  2. Regularization of Temporary Contractual Employees in West Bengal
  3. Upper Age Limit for Entry into West Bengal Govt. Jobs is 40 years
  4. Code of Regulations for Anglo-Indian and other listed Schools 1993 – Govt of WB
  5. What is the meaning of Works contract
  6. What is the meaning of ‘best before the date’ written on the body of a food container
  7. What is the meaning of Royalty Collection Contract
  8. What is the meaning of ‘ready delivery contract’
  9. What is the meaning of ” proper law of the contract”
  10. What is the meaning of ‘Forward Contract’
  11. Praying condonation of delay before Consumer commission u/s 12(2) of Limitation Act
  12. Calcutta High Court clarified the meaning “time requisite” in Section 12(2) of the Limitation Act for Certified Copy
  13. The distinction between Appeal and Memo of Appeal
  14. The word ‘entertain’ meant not ‘receive’ or ‘accept’ but proceed to consider on merits’ or ‘adjudicate upon’.
  15. How to compute Limitation for filing appeal if applied for Certified Copy of the order
  16. What is public policy
  17. Who are the persons excluded from reservation as creamy layer.
  18. The doctrine of Creamy Layers in Indian job reservation
  19. Administrative Commissions in India
  20. Nirav Modi PNB Fraud documents were seized from Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas Law firm by CBI
  21. Vocabulary used of Indian Contract Act

  22. Distinction and difference between the capacity to contract and authority to contract