Privacy Act of 1974

the term “record” means any item, collection, or grouping of information about an individual that is maintained by an agency, including, but not limited to, his education, financial transactions, medical history, and criminal or employment history and that contains his name, or the identifying number, symbol, or other identifying particular assigned to the individual, such as a finger or voice print or a photograph;


Steve Gupta, an attorney, appeals pro se from the district court's summary judgment in favor of defendants in his action under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552, et seq. ("FOIA"), seeking documents about Rahul Gandhi's alleged detention at Logan Airport in September 2001. We have jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C. § 1291.

Govind Vs State of Madhya Pradesh and another-18/03/1975

M.P. Police Regulations—Regulation—855-The right to privacy in any event will necessarily have to go through a process of case-by-case development. Therefore, even assuming that the right to personal liberty, the right to move freely throughout the territory of India and the freedom of speech create an independent right of privacy as an emanation from which one can characterize as a fundamental right, we do not think that the right is absolute.

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

A business that collects a consumer’s personal information shall, at or before the point of collection, inform consumers as to the categories of personal information to be collected and the purposes for which the categories of personal information shall be used. A business shall not collect additional categories of personal information or use personal information collected for additional purposes without providing the consumer with notice consistent with this section.

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

The California Constitution grants a right of privacy. Existing law provides for the confidentiality of personal information in various contexts and requires a business or person that suffers a breach of security of computerized data that includes personal information, as defined, to disclose that breach, as specified.

Right to privacy

Right to privacy is also not expressly guaranteed under the Constitution of India. However, the Privacy Bill, 2011 to provide for the right to privacy to citizens of India and to regulate the collection, maintenance and dissemination of their personal…

A citizen has a right to safeguard the privacy of his own and no one can publish anything without his consent whether truthful or otherwise and whether laudatory or critical.

Supreme Court of India in R. Rajagopal vs State Of T.N [1995 AIR 264, 1994 SCC (6) 632] observed : (1)The right to privacy is implicit in the right to life and liberty guaranteed to the citizens of this country by…