Daniel Wilson, of Islington, had been appointed Bishop of Calcutta in 1832, and, in token of his regard for his old tutor before going to Oxford, and his fellow-labourer in Salisbury Square, Josiah Pratt–in the hope, too, of still more closely cementing the old friendship–he was very anxious to obtain for the son an appointment on the Bengal Ecclesiastical Establishment, and to secure his services as his own domestic chaplain. Some delay had occurred in obtaining the appointment; at length the offer came; and the decision between Cambridge and Calcutta was to be made.

The saddest and most humiliating disease with which mankind is afflicted, and which should rightly make the sufferer an object of the deepest compassion, only avails in England in the nineteenth century to bring him, in the event of his doing violence, to the edge of the scaffold or over it. To this point have eighteen hundred and seventy-two years of Christianity brought us! And Science protests in vain! Without laying claim to much gift of prophecy,

“साक्ष्य” “साक्ष्य’ शब्द से अभिप्रेत है और उसके अन्तर्गत आते हैं (1) वे सभी कथन जिनके, जांचाधीन तथ्य के विषयों के सम्बन्ध में न्यायालय अपने सामने साक्षियों द्वारा किए जाने की अनुज्ञा देता है, या अपेक्षा करता है; ऐसे कथन मौखिक साक्ष्य कहलाते हैं; ऐसे कथन मौखिक साक्ष्य कहलाते हैं, (2) न्यायालय के निरीक्षण के लिए पेश की गई सब दस्तावेजें, जिनके अंतर्गत इलैक्ट्रानिक अभिलेख भी हैं:] ऐसी दस्तावेजें दस्तावेजी साक्ष्य कहलाती हैं।

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