Chemical Free Organic Farming

Organic farming is recognized as a sustainable agriculture practice promoting  use of   organic/ bio inputs that  takes care of environment (including soil, biodiversity)  and  human wellbeing.

Bioengineered Foods and Allergic Reactions

Scientists report that only a fraction of the thousands of proteins in the diet have been found to be food allergens. Therefore, it is unlikely that most proteins introduced into food through bioengineering will be allergens. Additionally, scientists can determine whether a transferred protein has characteristics of known food allergens. To date, all new proteins in the bioengineered foods that will be sold in grocery stores have been shown to lack the characteristics of food allergens.

Biotechnology of Food, FDA and New Tomato

New plant varieties have been developed using biotechnology, and on May 18, 1994, the Food and Drug Administration announced it had determined that a new tomato developed through biotechnology is as safe as tomatoes bred by conventional means. This was the first time FDA had evaluated a whole for food produced by biotechnology, by which plant improvements can be made more precisely than through traditional cross-breeding.

वन नेशन वन राशन कार्ड- अब तक की और आगे की यात्रा

वन नेशन वन राशन कार्ड- अब तक की और आगे की यात्रा एनएफएसए के अंतर्गत ‘देशव्यापी पोर्टेबिलिटी’के माध्यम से देश के सभी प्रवासी लाभार्थियों को सब्सिडी वाले खाद्यान्न की बिना किसी परेशानी के डिलीवरी वन नेशन वन राशन कार्ड (ओएनओआरसी) योजना का…

Foodstuff meaning of

I have referred to the cases discussed above, not for purposes of comparison but to show that the terms “food” and “foodstuffs” can be used in both a wide and a narrow sense and that the circumstances and background can alone determine which is proper in any given case.