The legal profession in Germany (1855-1919)-Adolf Weissler

Before the collegiate courts, the parties must be represented by a lawyer licensed there (compulsory lawyer);another lawyer may only appear alongside the one who has been admitted and, with his approval, instead of the one who has been admitted; However, any lawyer can defend and act as counsel before any court in the realm. In the public meetings of the collegiate courts, he wears an official costume. A lawyer is assigned to the poor by the court to represent them free of charge. The lawyers admitted within the district of a higher regional court form a bar association ,which elects a board of directors to exercise supervision and honorary judicial power, which includes warning, reprimand, fines of up to 3,000 marks and exclusion. 

The Condition of India Lawyers-Mohandas K. Gandhi-1922

The lawyers, therefore, will, as a rule, advance quarrels, instead of repressing them. Moreover, men take up that profession, not in order to help others out of their miseries, but to enrich themselves. It is one of the avenues of becoming wealthy and their interest exists in multiplying disputes. It is within my knowledge that they are glad when men have disputes. Petty pleaders actually manufacture them. Their touts, like so many leeches, such the blood of the poor people. Lawyers are men who have little to do. Lazy people, in order to indulge in luxuries, take up such professions.

Whether a lawyer using domestic space as his chamber is liable to pay electricity bill on commercial basis- CHC Says No

Arup Sarkar vs C.E.S.C-the space in the ground floor has been taken by the petitioner as an extension of his residence for the use of the space as his legal chamber. The above factual matrix is clearly distinguishable from law firms and proprietorship firms that are having offices in commercial spaces dealing with litigation and non-litigation work. The chambers of a litigation lawyer are clearly used for his livelihood, and accordingly, the benefit of doubt is required to be given to such a petitioner placing him in the category of the "Domestic (Urban)".

Code of Law Practice – Saudi Arabia

As herein used, the phrase “law practice” shall mean representation of third parties before courts of law, the Board of Grievances, and other committees as may be set up pursuant to laws, decrees and decisions to consider the cases falling within their respective jurisdictions. It shall also mean rendering consultancy services based on the principles of Shari'ah and the rule of law.

Legal Practitioners (Fees) Act 1926

No legal practitioner who has acted or agreed to act shall, by reason only of being a legal practitioner, be exempt from liability to be sued in respect of any loss or injury due to any negligence in the conduct of his professional duties.

Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers: UN Congress in Havana 1990

The Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers, set forth below, which have been formulated to assist Member States in their task of promoting and ensuring the proper role of lawyers, should be respected and taken into account by Governments within the framework of their national legislation and practice and should be brought to the attention of lawyers as well as other persons, such as judges, prosecutors, members of the executive and the legislature, and the public in general. These principles shall also apply, as appropriate, to persons who exercise the functions of lawyers without having the formal status of lawyers.

Calcutta HC frames rules on lawyers’ strike and placed it for full Court approval.

The Calcutta High Court administration has framed rules that consider strike by lawyers as interference to dispensation of justice in accordance with a Supreme Court order that said lawyers have no right to strike. A 69-day ceasework called by lawyers'…