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JURISDICTION-One superior court cannot issue a “Order” to another superior court of co-ordinate jurisdiction, nor can such a court issue an order to itself. The basis of this rule is that orders made under this Article are issued for the purpose or correction of errors in the exercise of extraordinary jurisdiction and since superior courts are entitled to credit from other courts for acting within their own jurisdiction, the question of issue of a writ to them would not arise.

The Sindh Prosecutors Rules 2006

A Prosecutor appointed on contract basis shall hold office for a non-extendable period of three years during the pleasure of Government. A Prosecutor appointed on contract basis shall be liable to be removed from his office at any time, if he is guiltily of any act or conduct which, in the opinion of Government, is incompatible with his duties as such prosecutor


“Prosecutor” means the Prosecutor General, Additional Prosecutor General, Deputy Prosecutor General, Assistant Prosecutor General, District Public Prosecutor, Deputy District Public Prosecutor, Assistant District Public Prosecutor and a Public Prosecutor appointed under this Act and shall be deemed to be the Public Prosecutor under the Code;

Procedure of Appointment of High Court Judges in Pakistan

The Lahore High Court (Under United India) was established on the 21st of March 1919. In 1899, the Secretary of State for India in Council, by its Resolution dated 25th April, 1899, laid down as a principle that all Chief Justices and Judges of the High Courts in India thereafter to be appointed would be required to vacate their offices on attaining the age of sixty years.

LAW OF EVIDENCE: Pakistan Law Commission Report (4)

We have not been able to follow the objection which has nothing to do with repugnancy with the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. On the other hand if any witness is asked a leading question which is ambiguous, it becomes the duty of the Judge to direct the party to put a question which may be followed by the witness. The Court is also competent to disallow any question which is otherwise indecent.