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India’s population is expected to grow to 1.52 billion by 2036 – VP Of India

Referring to the delivery of basic services, he said the country was facing many challenges with 20 per cent of population below the poverty line and an equal proportion illiterate. In this context, he stressed the need for people to plan their families. As Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi had said in his Independence Day speech last year that those who follow the policy of small family contribute to the development of the nation, the Vice President said.

Population Control Healthcare Law: Myanmar


Union Territory Governing Body and Region or State government taking the assistance of experts shall conduct a survey to ascertain whether the high population density, increasing population growth rate, high birthrate, high maternal and child mortality rate, and high migration rate cause or risk the cause of imbalance between population and resources, declining socio-economic indicators, and food insufficiency in their respective regions.