Yeğer v. Turkey-ECHR 07/06/2022

Fair hearing • Conviction in absentia after not personally being served with documents concerning criminal proceedings, and inability to obtain fresh determination of merits of case • Failing to inform authorities of address change and going abroad for extended period of time not amounting to unequivocal waiver of right to appear and defend oneself, or evading justice

Speech by Atatürk at the 10th Year of the Republic-1929

I must make it clear with due emphasis, that a historical quality of the Turkish nation, which is an exalted human community, is its love for fine arts and progress in them. This is why our national ideal is to constantly foster and promote, with all means and measures, our nation's excellent character, its tireless industriousness, intelligence, devotion to science, love for fine arts and sense of national unity.

Joining protocol of Greece and Turkey with NATO – 22/10/1951

Upon the entry into force of this Protocol, the Government of the United States of America shall, on behalf of all the Parties, communicate to the Government of the Kingdom of Greece and the Government of the Republic of Turkey an invitation to accede to the North Atlantic Treaty, as it may be modified by Article 2 of the present Protocol. Thereafter the Kingdom of Greece and the Republic of Turkey shall each become a Party on the date when it deposits its instruments of accession with the Government of the United States of America in accordance with Article 10 of the Treaty.

Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning extension of occupation by Turkish forces in Afghanistan

The decision of Turkish leadership is ill-advised, a violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity and against our national interests. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemns this reprehensible decision in the strongest terms as it will induce problems between Turkish and Afghan nations. And we strongly urge Turkish officials to reverse their decision due to it being detrimental for both countries.

Turkish Foreign Policy

Turkish Foreign Policy aims to protect Turkey’s interests in a volatile regional and global environment, while also shaping conditions for sustainable peace and development in our neighborhood and beyond. In the pursuit of this primary goal, Turkey contributes to peace, prosperity, and stability around the world.

Proclamation of the Young Turks 1908

Every citizen will enjoy complete liberty and equality, regardless of nationality or religion, and be submitted to the same obligations. All Ottomans, being equal before the law as regards rights and duties relative to the State, are eligible for government posts, according to their individual capacity and their education. Non-Muslims will be equally liable to the military law.

Speech of Turkish President at General Debate of 75th Session of UNGA 2020

The Kashmir conflict, which is also key to the stability and peace of South Asia, is still a burning issue. Steps taken following the abolition of the special status of Jammu-Kashmir further complicated the problem. We are in favour of solving this issue through dialogue, within the framework of the United Nations resolutions and especially in line with the expectations of the people of Kashmir.

Establishment and Rules of Procedures of the Turkish Constitutional Court: Code No: 6216

The aim and scope of this Code is to regulate the principles pertaining to the structure of the Constitutional Court, its duties, trial procedures, President, deputy presidents and the selection of its members, disciplinary and staffing affairs and rapporteurs, deputy rapporteurs and the quality, appointment, duties and responsibilities of their staff, their disciplinary and staffing affairs.


Gentlemen, I don't think it is necessary any further to compare the principles underlying the Lausanne Peace Treaty with other proposals for peace. This treaty, is a document declaring that all efforts, prepared over centuries, and thought to have been accomplished through the SEVRES Treaty to crush the Turkish nation have been in vain. It is a diplomatic victory unheard of in the Ottoman history!

Statement by Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın on Israel’s Attempt to Annex Palestinian Territories- 02/07/2020

The move to put into action the plan to annex the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley is a new attempt by Israel to usurp the Palestinian territories. We as Turkey support the Palestinians’ decision to act together in a spirit of national accord against Israel’s annexation plan.

Duties and Powers of the Turkish President

The President of the Republic, in his/her capacity as the Head of State, shall represent the Republic of Turkey and the unity of the Turkish Nation; he/she shall ensure the implementation of the Constitution, and orderly and harmonious functioning of the organs of the State.


The Constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on October 18, 1982 to be submitted to referendum and published in the Official Gazette dated October 20, 1982 and numbered 17844; republished in the repeating Official Gazette dated November 9, 1982…