STATUS- 2022 Policy Area Description Agriculture and Food Primary focus of measure is agricultural practices; agricultural prices and marketing; agricultural education; food assistance or nutrition programs; food industry, supply, and safety; aquaculture; horticulture and plants. Measures concerning international trade in agricultural products may fall under Foreign Trade and International Finance policy area. Animals Primary focus of measure is animal protection; […]

Āda, habit Ālat al-qatl, tool-of-killing Ālat ḥādda, sharply edged tool, considered enough for Ḥanafīs to determine intentional killing ‘Aqila, – a culprit charged of homicide, and which might be requested by court action for a partial or total payment of the blood money A‘yān, s. ‘ayn, notables (in pl.), also tangible objects (s. Or pl.) Abūkāt, from the french avocat, lawyer;  professional lawyers Adab al-qāḍī, the rules of judicial […]

“building worker” means a person who is employed to do any skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled, manual, supervisory, technical or clerical work for hire or reward, whether the terms of employment be expressed or implied, in connection with any building or other construction work but does not include any such person- (i) who is employed mainly in a managerial or administrative […]

Here we collected all the unique English words used by the legislature for constituting and drafting The Indian Contract Act. We shall gradually explain the use and inherent meaning attached to each word. Abide Able About Absence Absents Absolute Absolutely Abstain Abstained Abstains Abstinence Accept Acceptance Accepted Accepting Acceptor Accepts According Accordingly Account Accounts Acquiescence Acquired Act Active Acts Actual […]

The offence relates to an examination for which one of the eligibility conditions was having a knowledge of the English language. Moreover, it was found that the advocate engaged by him also knows the English language. Coming to the Criminal Appeal arising out of SLP (Crl.) 10680 of 2022, the trial court has recorded a finding that the first respondent­accused was a science graduate having knowledge
of the English language. Moreover, his advocate was conversant with the English language. Hence, in the facts of the cases in hand, it cannot be said that a non­supply of translation of the charge sheet and
other documents to the accused in both appeals will occasion a failure of justice. [Central Bureau of Investigation versus Narottam Dhakad & Anr-SLP (Crl.) No.5525 of 2018-25/08/2023]

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