Agreed Statements concerning the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances

It is understood that nothing in this Treaty affects any rights or obligations under the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (WPPT) or their interpretation and it is further understood that paragraph 3 does not create any obligations for a Contracting Party to this Treaty to ratify or accede to the WPPT or to comply with any of its provisions.

Nairobi Treaty on the Protection of the Olympic Symbol adopted at Nairobi-1981

Any State party to this Treaty shall be obliged, subject to Articles 2 and 3, to refuse or to invalidate the registration as a mark and to prohibit by appropriate measures the use, as a mark or other sign, for commercial purposes, of any sign consisting of or containing the Olympic symbol, as defined in the Charter of the International Olympic Committee, except with the authorization of the International Olympic Committee. The said definition and the graphic representation of the said symbol are reproduced in the Annex.

WIPO Mediation Rules

"Mediation Agreement" means an agreement by the parties to submit to mediation all or certain disputes which have arisen or which may arise between them; a Mediation Agreement may be in the form of a mediation clause in a contract or in the form of a separate contract;

Trademark-related treaties administered by WIPO

World intellectual property organisation administered and manages the following treaties:- Paris Convention Madrid Agreement (Marks) Madrid Protocol Nice Agreement Vienna Agreement Singapore Treaty Trademark Law Treaty Nairobi Treaty WIPO or World intellectual property organisation provides the following services The International…

Patent Law Treaty 2000

The provisions of this Treaty and the Regulations shall apply to national and regional patents for invention, and to national and regional patents of addition, which have been granted with effect for a Contracting Party.