Witness -number

Trustworthy evidence This question has been definitively dealt with by a Constitution Bench of this Court in Masalti v. State of Uttar Pradesh, AIR 1965 SC 202, wherein the Court observed as […]

An eye witness account of the death of Tipu Sultan-1799

The fallen Sultan was immediately raised by some of his faithful adherents and placed upon his palankeen under the arch, and on one side of the gateway, where he lay or sat for some moments faint and exhausted, until some European soldiers entered the gateway. A servant who has survived relates, that one of the soldiers seized the Sultaun’s sword-belt, and attempted to pull it off; that the Sultan, who still held his sword in his hand, made a cut at the soldier with all his remaining strength, and wounded him about the knee; on which the soldier put his piece to his shoulder, and shot the Sultan through the temple, who instantly expired.

The Witnesses Act 1806

That a Witness cannot by Law refuse to answer a Question relevant to the Matter in Issue, the answering of which has no Tendency to accuse himself or to expose him to Penalty or Forfeiture, of any Nature whatsoever, by Reason only, or on the sole Ground, that the answering of such Question

Chance witness

On scrutiny of the below decisions, we find that the Hon’ble Apex Court has specifically observed that presence of witness was doubtful and no reliance can be placed on such chance witness.