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Practice Set

Men and women are of equal rank but they are not identical. They are be peerless pair being supplementary to one another, each helps the other so that without one the existence of the other cannot be conceived and, therefore it follows as a necessary corollary from these facts that anything that will impair the status of either of them will involve the equal ruin of them both. In framing any scheme of women’s education this cardinal truth must be constantly kept in mind. Man is supreme in the outward activities of a married air and therefore it is in the fitness of things that he should have a greater knowledge thereof. On the other hand, noise life is entirely the sphere of woman and, therefore in domestic affairs, in the upbringing and education of children, woman ought to have more knowledge Not that knowledge should be divided into water tight compartment’s or that so that some branches of knowledge should be closed to anyone, but unless courses of instruction are based on discriminating appreciation of these basic principles, the fullest life of man and woman cannot be developed. Among the manifold misfortunes that may befall humanity, the loss of health is one of the severest. All the joys which life can give cannot outweigh the sufferings of the sick. Among the manifold misfortunes that may befall humanity, the loss of health is one of the severest. All the joys which life can give cannot outweigh the sufferings of the sick. [word:251]

Almost every country in the world believes that it has some special dispensation from Providence, that it is of the chosen people or race and that others, whether they are good or bad, are somewhat inferior creatures. It is extraordinary now this kind of feeling persists in all nations of East as well as of the West without exception. The nations of the East are strongly entrenched in their own ideas and convictions and sometimes in their own sense of superiority about certain matters. Anyhow in the course of the last two or three hundred years, they have received many knocks on the head and they have been humiliated, and they have been debased and they have been humiliated, and they have been debased and they have been exploited. And so, in spite of their feeling that they were superior in many ways, they were forced to admit that they could be knocked about and exploited. To some extent, this brought a sense of realism to them. Three was also an attempt to escape from reality by saying that it was sad that we were not so advanced in material or technical things but that these were after all superficial things. Nevertheless we were superior in essential things, in spiritual things and moral values. I have no doubt that spiritual things and moral values are ultimately more important than other things, but the way one finds escape in the thought that one is spiritually superior simply because one is inferior in a material and physical sense, is surprising. It does not followed by any means. It is an escape from facing up the causes of one’s degradation. [word:- 278]

India has witnessed great expansion of educational opportunities since the attainment of independence. However, the disables children have not yet benefited in any substantial manner from the growth in educational facilities. Education of handicapped children, ultimately become more dependent and non productive. It is therefore believed that scarce national resources should not be wasted on them. Further, it has been our misconceived notion that the education of handicapped children requires highly specialized people and as such, it must essentially be very costly. Maybe, precisely for these wrong notions we have not been able to involve clinical and educational specialization programmers of training and education exclusively meant for handicapped children. It is encouraging to note that the new National Policy on Education has recommended the placement of such children in regular schools so as to provide them integrated education along with normal students. The integrated education will take care of the different needs of various categories and types of disabled children. The objective is to place the disabled children in ordinary schools for imparting education with the help of special teachers, aids and other resources. For fulfilling this objective an array of the necessary infrastructure by way of training of teachers, provision of equipment and book etc are some of the basic pre-requisition. Hopefully, the parents and their handicapped children will be greatly relieved when the latter are transferred to regular schools. [WORD: 231 ]

A drop of water fell out of the cloud into the sea, and finding itself lost in such an immensity of fluid matter, broke out into the following reflection: ‘Alas! What an inconsiderable creature am I in this prodigious ocean of waters: My existence is of no concern in the universe; ‘I am reduced to a kind of nothing, and am the least of the works of God’. It so happened that an oyster which lay in the neighbourhood of this drop chanced to gape and swallow it up in the midst of this his soliloquy. The drop, say the fables, lay a great while hardening in the shell, until by degrees it was ripened into a pearl, falling into the hands of a diver, after a long series of adventures, is at present that famous pearl which is fixed on the top of the Persian diadem.

ANSWER: Once, a drop of water, while falling into the sea, ruminated on its inconsequential existence in the vast ocean. Just then, an oyster swallowed it. The water drop, embedded in the shell, became a pearl in due course. A diver got it. After changing many hands, it now decorates the Persian crown.

Odisha, a small state in the east coast of India, was battered by Cyclone Philine in the last weekend. The cyclone came from the Bay of Begal. It was the result of a low pressure area developing in the sea. From a location a few hundred kilometers off the coast, Cyclone Philine gradually moved towards the land. The wind speed was nearly 220 kilometers per hour. The violent wind hit villages near the coastline with deadly force. Mud houses were flattened, trees uprooted and power lines were reduced to tangled heaps of wire. Fortunately, weather radars tracked the Philine doggedly as a result of which people were evacuated from their houses that fell in the projected path of Cyclone Philine. Millions of people were quickly moved to temporary shelters with remarkable efficiency. This reduced the death toll to negligible numbers. It was a remarkable success of disaster management in India. In another operation, the Coast Guard spotted a cargo ship at night that had tilted dangerously in the waters a few kilometers off Bengal. Responding to its SOS call, the Coast Guard rushed to its rescue and lifted out the sailors who were floating on their life boat in the dark near their ship.

ANSWER: Odisha suffers Nature’s Fury

Three days ago, Cyclone Philine coming from a low-pressure area in the Bay of Bengal tore through the coastal areas of the small eastern Indian state Odisha. With 220 kmph wind-speed, it flattened houses, and uprooted trees and power lines. Disaster management personnel evacuated millions to safety from the radar-predicted cyclone path. Also, the Coast Guard rescued some sailors from their life boat at night. Their ship had careened dizzily in the sea.

Trees give shade for the benefit of others, and while they themselves stand in the sun and endure the scorching heat, they produce the fruit of which others profit. The character of good men is like that of trees. What is the use of this perishable body if no use is made of it for the benefit of mankind? Sandalwood, the more it is rubbed, the more scent does it yield. Sugarcane, the more it is peeled and cut up into pieces, the more juice does it produce. The men who are noble at heart do not lose their qualities even in losing their lives. What matters whether men praise them or not? What
difference does it make whether they die at this moment or whether lives are prolonged?
Happen what may, those who tread in the right path will not set foot in any other. Life itself is unprofitable to a man who does not live for others. To live for the mere sake of living one’s life is to live the life of dog and crows. Those who lay down their lives for the sake of others will assuredly dwell forever in a world of bliss.

Answer : Good men live for others
The character of good men is like that of trees. They live for others and do not lose their qualities even in losing their lives. They always follow the right path. Praise is immaterial to them. To live for one’s own sake is to lead the life of beasts. Only those who lay down their lives for others will live forever in a world of bliss

 Make a précis in about 110 words of the following passage and give it a title

The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) will start working closely with banks to kick-start the government’s Start-Up India initiative in both rural and urban India. Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the government would ensure that startups don’t run out of money and that their equity requirements don’t go unattended. The minister was talking to the media on the sidelines of a FICCI event.

The department is spearheading the Start-Up India initiative announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day address. Sitharaman said DIPP would work with banks across the country, especially in rural areas. “If each of these (bank) branches gives tribal or Dalit population something to start up with, it would take the whole startup and innovate India (initiative) thought to district level,” she said.

DIPP is also working on ways to reach out to the urban educated and the deprived section of the society to build entrepreneurship. “All over the country, youngsters are coming up with ideas of entrepreneurship. They don’t have time to wait, we don’t have time to lose,” Sitharaman said. The commerce minister said there is a need for greater participation of industry in driving ahead the movement of Skill India. “India needs an ecosystem where talent and skills can be nurtured. Through our 10,000 crore fund of fund for startups, we will provide soft loans, capital to those who want to start fresh enterprises,” she said.

The skill development and entrepreneurship ministry currently offers certified training in 31 different sectors under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana. Sitharaman, in another event organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry, said India, which ranked 142 in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report this year, is likely to fare better next year since the government has initiated certain reforms to improve the standing. [WORD: 302]

Title- ‘Entrepreneurship: The Future of India’

Answer: The government has understood the importance of entrepreneurship and development of new ideas to make the country industrially developed. It has launched several programmes to support the youngsters financially by helping those getting loans without much hassle as well as with skill development in various disciplines. The government is also ensuring that both the rural and urban areas get the benefit of these schemes. This will make the new ideas sustainable in the long run because the young generation will be encouraged to take up entrepreneurship initiatives with fresh ideas. This approach of the government is expected to make India a better destination in the world to do business.