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Chief Justice of India SA Bobde
  • Arrogate - The Supreme Court derives its power to select, appoint and transfer judges from its verdicts in Three Judges Cases. After a spate of “punishment transfers”Continue Reading
  • Behemoth - During the debate, the Opposition accused the Modi government of trying to sell off railways’ assets instead of focusing on services, but the BJP assertedContinue Reading
  • Bluster - Narendra Modi government’s bluster (big talk) on the state of the Indian economy was bottled on Friday after the National Statistical Office (NSO) came outContinue Reading
  • Brouhaha- noisy reaction - The grapevine was abuzz that Garg’s unceremonious exit was linked to the brouhaha over the flotation of foreign currency-denominated sovereign bonds, which finance minister Nirmala SitharamanContinue Reading
  • Disturbingly obvious - The prime minister is clearly not blaming his government and his team of legal wizards, that much is disturbingly obvious. We can then safely inferContinue Reading
  • Ensuing - If this be so, as it so seems, then the Prime Minister wants us to believe that the entire brouhaha in the top court andContinue Reading
  • Petulant - A petulant lament devoid of introspection. In the days and weeks that followed, Rahul made it clear to party leaders that his decision to resignContinue Reading
  • Scientificity - Scientificity and productivism were the sources of fascism in the 20th century but could speed, consumption and impatience with facts be the sources of fascismContinue Reading
  • Seriatim - We could now refer to the points arising for our consideration in these appeals and consider them seriatim.
  • Smothered - We urge you to ensure that the voice of the Opposition is not smothered[Cover up] in the Rajya Sabha. While we understand our responsibility andContinue Reading
  • Supine indifference - In our view, the supine indifference, slackness and callous attitude on the part of the Jail Superintendent who had unreasonably delayed in transmitting the representationContinue Reading
  • Tantrum - Maybe. Whatever the cause of his tantrum the Prime Minister tripped into default mode and swung a left hook as per muscle memory. He didContinue Reading
  • Wiggle room - The government found itself with no wiggle room to boost its own spending as figures released by the controller general of accounts (CGA) — theContinue Reading
  • Yawn - Growing inequalities and the yawning gap[wide open] in the social power among castes and classes have made untruth a medium of exercising power and ofContinue Reading