By revocation of priestly licence by Church of North India, a Bishop now became an Ordinary Asshole

Church of North India


The Church of North India (CNI) on Aug. 11 2020 expelled Bishop Basil B. Baskey of Chotanagpur Diocese in Jharkhand state from his office. It also withdrew his ordination as a priest and a bishop.

The executive committee by a communication said-

“The instrument of election and appointment as bishop in the CNI issued to him by the moderator stands withdrawn and his ordination as priest and consecration as bishop are withdrawn. Hence, from today (Aug. 11), he will be known as Mr. Basil B. Baskey,” .

Basil B. Baskey illegally declared the Chhotonagpur Diocese as autonomous and tried to disconnect it from the Church of North India.

Church of North India has its written Constitution and well founded legal and ethical standard to control its regional churches and church leaders.

Read the original  Press release by CNI

CNI Press Release on the expulsion of Bishop Baskey

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