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G. Narayanaswamy Reddy (dead) by L.Rs. and another Vs Govt. of Karnataka and another-29/04/1991

REJECTION OF LEAVE GRANTED BY SC-It is well settled in law that the relief under Article 136 of the Constitution is discretionary and a petitioner who approaches this Court for ‘such relief must come with frank and full disclosure of facts. If he fails to do so and suppresses material facts, his application is liable to be dismissed. We accordingly dismiss the Special Leave Petitions.

Hari Narain Vs Badri Das-04/03/1963


It is of utmost importance that in making material statements and setting forth grounds in applications for special leave made under Article 136 of the Constitution, care must be taken not to make any statements which are inaccurate, untrue and misleading. In dealing with applications for special leave, the Court naturally takes statements of fact and grounds of fact contained in the petitions at their face value and it would be unfair to betray the confidence of the Court by making statements which are untrue and misleading.

Revocation of Special leave

Hari Narain Versus Badri Das-we are satisfied that the material statements made by the appellant in his application for special leave are inaccurate and misleading, and the respondent is entitled to contend that the appellant may have obtained special leave from this Court on the strength of what he characterises as misrepresentations of facts contained in the petition for special leave. In the said petition, the appellant has taken six grounds of appeal against the decision of the High Court.

Haripada Dey Versus The State of West Bengal and another- 05/09/1956


No High Court can arrogate that function to itself and pass on to us a matter which in its view is purely one involving questions of fact, because it finds itself helpless to redress the grievance. In such a case, the High Court should refuse to give a certificate under Art. 134 (1) (c) and ask the parties to approach us invoking our special jurisdiction under Art. 136 (1) of the Constitution.

Application for Special Leave to Appeal

The powers exercisable by this Court under Art. 136 of the Constitution are not in the nature of a general appeal. They unable this Court to interfere in cases where an irreparable injury has been caused by reason of a miscarriage of Justice due to a gross neglect of Law or procedure or otherwise and there is no other adequate remedy.