Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England-1765

United Kingdom

Blackstone, William, Sir, 1723-1780

Sir William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England was first published in 1765-1769


Section the First : On the Study of Law
Section the Second : Of the Nature of Laws in General
Section the Third : Of the Laws of England
Section the Fourth : Of the Countries Subject to the Laws of England

Book the First : The Rights of Persons

Chapter the First : Of the Absolute Rights of Individuals
Chapter the Second : Of the Parliament
Chapter the Third : Of the King and his Title
Chapter the Fourth : Of the King’s Royal Family
Chapter the Fifth : Of the Councils Belonging to the King
Chapter the Sixth : Of the King’s Duties
Chapter the Seventh : Of the King’s Prerogative
Chapter the Eighth : Of the King’s Revenue
Chapter the Ninth : Of Subordinate Magistrates
Chapter the Tenth : Of People, Whether Aliens, Denizens or Natives
Chapter the Eleventh : Of the Clergy
Chapter the Twelfth : Of the Civil State
Chapter the Thirteenth : Of the Military and Maritime States
Chapter the Fourteenth : Of Master and Servant
Chapter the Fifteenth : Of Husband and Wife
Chapter the Sixteenth : Of Parent and Child
Chapter the Seventeenth : Of Guardian and Ward
Chapter the Eighteenth : Of Corporations

Book the Second : The Rights of Things

Chapter the First : Of Property in General
Chapter the Second : Of Real Propety and, First, of Corporeal Hereditaments
Chapter the Third : Incorporeal Hereditaments
Chapter the Fourth : Of the Feodal System
Chapter the Fifth : Of the Antient English Tenures
Chapter the Sixth : Of the Modern English Tenures
Chapter the Seventh : Of Freehold States, Of Inheritance
Chapter the Eighth : Of Freeholds, not Of Inheritance
Chapter the Ninth : Of Estates Less Than Freehold
Chapter the Tenth : Of Estates Upon Condition
Chapter the Eleventh : Of Estates in Possession, Remainder, and Reversion
Chapter the Twelfth : Of Estates in Severalty, Joint-Tenancy, Coparcenary, and Common
Chapter the Thirteenth : Of the Title to Things Real, in General
Chapter the Fourteenth : Of Title
Chapter the Fifteenth : Of Title by Purchase, and First by Escheat
Chapter the Sixteenth : Of Title by Occupancy
Chapter the Seventeenth : Of Title by Prescription
Chapter the Eighteenth : Of Title by Forfeiture
Chapter the Nineteenth : Of Title by Alienation
Chapter the Twentieth : Of Alienation by Deed
Chapter the Twenty-First : Of Alienation by Matter of Record
Chapter the Twenty-Second : Of Alienation by Special Custom
Chapter the Twenty-Third : Of Alienation by Device
Chapter the Twenty-Fourth : Of Things Personal
Chapter the Twenty-Fifth : Of Property in Things Personal
Chapter the Twenty-Sixth : Of Title to Things Personal by Occupancy
Chapter the Twenty-Seventh : Of Title by Perogative, and Forfeiture
Chapter the Twenty-Eighth : Of Title by Custom
Chapter the Twenty-Ninth : Of Title by Succession, Marriage, and Judgment
Chapter the Thirtieth : Of Title by Gift, Grant, and Contract
Chapter the Thirty-First : Of Title by Bankruptcy
Chapter the Thirty-Second : Of Title by Testament, and Administration

Book the Third : Of Private Wrongs

Chapter the First : Of the Redress of Private Wrongs by the Mere Act of Parties
Chapter the Second : Of Redress by the Mere Operation of Law
Chapter the Third : Of Courts in General
Chapter the Fourth : Of the Public Courts of Common Law and Equity
Chapter the Fifth : Of Courts Ecclesiastical, Military and Maritime
Chapter the Sixth : Of Courts of a Special Jurisdiction
Chapter the Seventh : Of the Cognizance of Private Wrongs
Chapter the Eighth : Of Wrongs and Their Remedies, Respecting the Rights of Persons
Chapter the Ninth : Of Injuries to Personal Property
Chapter the Tenth : Of Injuries to Real Property, And First of Dispossession, Or Ouster of the Freehold
Chapter the Eleventh : Of Dispossession, Or Ouster, Of Chattels Real
Chapter the Twelfth : Of Trespass
Chapter the Thirteenth : Of Nusance
Chapter the Fourteenth : Of Waste
Chapter the Fifteenth : Of Subtraction
Chapter the Sixteenth : Of Disturbance
Chapter the Seventeenth : Of Injuries Preeceding From, Or Affecting, The Crown
Chapter the Eighteenth : Of the Pursuit of Remedies by Action; And, First, Of the Original Writ
Chapter the Nineteenth : Of Process
Chapter the Twentieth : Of Pleading
Chapter the Twenty-First : Of Issue and Demurrer
Chapter the Twenty-Second : Of the Several Species of Trial
Chapter the Twenty-Third : Of the Trial by Jury
Chapter the Twenty-Fourth : Of Judgments, And it’s Incidents
Chapter the Twenty-Fifth : Of Proceedings, In the Nature of Appeals
Chapter the Twenty-Sixth : Of Execution
Chapter the Twenty-Seventh : Of Proceedings in the Courts of Equity
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III

Book the Fourth : Of Public Wrongs

Chapter the First : Of the Nature of Crimes, And Their Punishment
Chapter the Second : Of the Persons Capable of Committing Crimes
Chapter the Third : Of Principals and Accessories
Chapter the Fourth : Of Offences Against God and Religion
Chapter the Fifth : Of Offences Against the Law of Nations
Chapter the Sixth : Of High Treason
Chapter the Seventh : Of Felonies, Injurious to the King’s Perogative
Chapter the Eighth : Of Praemunire
Chapter the Ninth : Of Misprisions and Contempts, Affecting the King and Government
Chapter the Tenth : Of Offences Against Public Justice
Chapter the Eleventh : Of Offenses Against the Public Peace
Chapter the Twelfth : Of Offenses Against Public Trade
Chapter the Thirteenth : Of Offenses Against the Public Health, and the Public Police or Economy
Chapter the Fourteenth : Of Homicide
Chapter the Fifteenth : Of Offences Against the Persons of Individuals
Chapter the Sixteenth : Of Offenses Against the Habitations of Individuals
Chapter the Seventeenth : Of Offenses Against Private Property
Chapter the Eighteenth : Of the Means of Preventing Offences
Chapter the Ninteenth : Of the Courts of Criminal Jurisdiction
Chapter the Twentieth : Of Summary Convictions
Chapter the Twenty-First : Of Arrests
Chapter the Twenty-Second : Of Commitment and Bail
Chapter the Twenty-Third : Of the Several Modes of Prosecution
Chapter the Twenty-Fourth : Of Process Upon an Indictment
Chapter the Twenty-Fifth : Of Arraignment, And Its Incidents
Chapter the Twenty-Sixth : Of Plea, And Issue
Chapter the Twenty-Seventh : Of Trial, And Conviction
Chapter the Twenty-Eighth : Of the Benefit of Clergy
Chapter the Twenty-Ninth : Of Judgment, And its Consequences
Chapter the Thirtieth : Of Reversal of Judgment
Chapter the Thirty-First : Of Reprieve, And Pardon
Chapter the Thirty-Second : Of Execution
Chapter the Thirty-Third : Of the Rise, Progress, And Gradual Improvements, of the Laws of England


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