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Portions of Communications Decency Act are not constitutional-U.S. Supreme Court-26/06/1996

This case involves the government’s attempt to regulate a new technology that will serve as the basis for global communication in the twenty-first century. Unfortunately, Congress held no hearings about the nature of the Internet before it enacted the CDA. The sad but predictable result is that Congress drafted a statute that is both ineffective and unconstitutional, as the lower court found after engaging in the detailed factual inquiry that Congress chose not to do.

Formation of American Constitution-Historical Note


Eleven States having thus ratified the Constitution,14 the Continental Congress–which still functioned at irregular intervals–passed a resolution on September 13, 1788, to put the new Constitution into operation. The first Wednesday of January 1789 was fixed as the day for choosing presidential electors, the first Wednesday of February for the meeting of electors, and the first Wednesday of March (i.e. March 4, 1789) for the opening session of the new Congress. Owing to various delays, Congress was late in assembling, and it was not until April 30, 1789, that George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States.

U.S President Biden imposes sanction in Response to Coup in Burma

Imposing new sanctions on military individuals and entities: Today, President Biden launched a new sanctions regime targeting the Burmese military and its leaders, as well as their business interests. The U.S. Department of the Treasury designated 10 individuals and three entities for their association with the military apparatus responsible for the coup. Among these individuals are six members of the National Defense and Security Council, including Commander-in-Chief of the Burmese military forces Min Aung Hlaing and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Burmese military forces Soe Win, as well as four members of the State Administration Council.

Export-Import Bank of United States added new electronic System of Records under Privacy Act-1974

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) proposes to add a new electronic System of Records, EXIM CRM (Customer Relationship Management), subject to the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended. This notice is necessary to meet the requirements of the Privacy Act which is to publish in the Federal Register a notice of the existence and character of records maintained by the agency.

Reforming Incarceration System to Eliminate the Use of Privately Operated Criminal Detention Facilities-EO of US President-26/01/2021

Policy. More than two million people are currently incarcerated in the United States, including a disproportionate number of people of color. There is broad consensus that our current system of mass incarceration imposes significant costs and hardships on our society and communities and does not make us safer. To decrease incarceration levels, we must reduce profit-based incentives to incarcerate by phasing out the Federal Government’s reliance on privately operated criminal detention facilities.

Supreme Court of the United States

Supreme Court of the United States- The Court adjudicates original or appellate jurisdiction cases arising under the Constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties made under their authority; cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers, and consuls; cases of admiralty and maritime law; controversies in which the United States is a party; and cases arising between one state and citizens of another state, two or more states, citizens of different states, citizens of the same state claiming lands under grants of different states, or between a state or its citizens and foreign states, citizens, or subjects.

Memorandum for the Heads ofthe U.S Executive Departments and Agencies : Regulatory Freeze Pending Review


The President has asked me to communicate to each of you his plan for managing the Federal regulatory process at the outset of his Administration. In order to ensure that the President’s appointees or designees have the opportunity to review any new or pending rules, at the direction of the President, I ask that you immediately take the following steps:

USA Immigration Laws

Laws and Policy The term “immigration laws” includes all laws, conventions, and treaties of the United States relating to the immigration, exclusion, deportation, expulsion, or removal of aliens. Legislation Immigration and Nationality […]