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Slavery-History and Documentation

That when a person held to service or labor in any State or Territory of the United States, has heretofore or shall hereafter escape into another State or Territory of the United States, the person or persons to whom such service or labor may be due, or his, her, or their agent or attorney, duly authorized, by power of attorney, in writing, acknowledged and certified under the seal of some legal officer or court of the State or Territory in which the same may be executed, may pursue and reclaim such fugitive person, either by procuring a warrant from some one of the courts, judges, or commissioners aforesaid, of the proper circuit, district, or county, for the apprehension of such fugitive from service or labor, or by seizing and arresting such fugitive, where the same can be done without process, and by taking, or causing such person to be taken, forthwith before such court, judge, or commissioner, whose duty it shall be to hear and determine the case of such claimant in a summary manner;

Writers and Books Critical of Christianity

The idea of guardian angels of men, races, localities, cities and nations, was taken by the Roman Catholics from the prechristian occultists and pagans. Symmachus (Epist. I, X) writes: “As souls are given to those who are born, so genii are distributed to the nations. Every city had its protecting genius, to whom the people sacrificed.” There is more than one inscription found that reads: Genio civitatis — “to the genius of the city-Isis Unveiled — H. P. Blavatsky

List of West Bengal State Laws (Acts and ordinances)

The West Bengal Appropriation ( No. 1 ) Act, 2020 (West Bengal Act I of 2020)
The West Bengal Finance Act, 2020 (West Bengal Act II of 2020)
The West Bengal Appropriation ( No. 2 ) Act, 2020 (West Bengal Act III of 2020)
The West Bengal Fiscal Responsiblity And Budget Management ( Amendment ) Act, 2020 (West Bengal Act IV of 2020)

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A prima facie case Access to justice Actionable nuisance Administrative Law Adverse possession Agriculture Market Alternative Dispute Resolution Amendment of Pleading Appeal First Application of Mind Arbitration Article 227 of the Indian […]