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Hindu Law: Bibliography

Hindu LAW

SnoTitleAuthorPublisherYear of PublicationPlace of PublicationEditionISBN
1Agni PuranamVyasa 1903Calcutta  
2Ancient Indian LawM Rama JoisUniversal Law Publishing Company2002Delhi 81-7534-259-1
3Aspects of the Social and political system of ManusmritiK V Rangaswami Aiyanger 1949Lucknow  
4AtharvavedaDevi Chand 1982New Delhi  
5Bhagavadgita with the Sanatsugatiya and the Anugita (Sacred books of the East series Vol.8)K T Telang 1965   
6Buddha the Trimurti and Modern HinduismA R Kulkarni 1980Nagpur  
7Budhist Mahayana Texts. (Pts. 1 & 2) Sacred Books of the East Series Vol. 49E B Cowell     
8Changeable & the Unchangeable in ReligionJ P Singhal 1965Hoshiarpur  
9Classical dictionary of Hindu Mythology religion, Geography History and literatureJ Dowson 1891London003 
10Classical Law of IndiaR Lingat 1973New Delhi  
11Codified Hindu LawSrinivasan 1977Allahabad  
12Codified Hindu LawT P Gopalakrishnan 1970 004 
13Codified Hindu LawC V Menon 1970 004 
14Codified Hindu lawsT P Gopalakrishnan 1959Allahabad002 
15Codified Hindu lawsC V Menon 1959Allahabad002 
16Codified Hindu LawsT P Gopalakrishnan 1963Allahabad003 
17Codified Hindu LawsC V Menon 1963Allahabad003 
18Collection of Hindu Law taxts. Vol.2 Pt. 2 Yajnavalkya Smriti with Commentaries of :G R Gharpure 1937Bombay  
19Commentaries on Hindu Succession Act covering property rights of Women & DaughtersSrinivasanLaw Publishers2009Allahabad00581-7111-122-X
20Commentaries on the Hindu Law of inheritance, successionJ Bhattacharya 1909Calcutta003 
21Commentary on Hindu Law and Statutory enactments Annotated with Personal Laws Amendment Act 2010M N SrinivasanDelhi Law House2011Delhi0059788186976944
22Commentary on Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 alongwith Marriage Rules and Marriage Registration Rules Under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955M N SrinivasanDelhi Law House2010Delhi002978-81-86976-95-1
23Commentary on the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act 1956M N SrinivasanDelhi Law House2010Delhi002978-81-86976-96-8
24Commentary on the Hindu LawJ S Siromani 1885Calcutta  
25Commentary on the Hindu Succession Act, 1956B MalikDelhi Law House2010Delhi002978-81-86976-00-5
26Complete collection of Hindu Law books on inheritanceS S Setlur 1911Madras  
27Considerations of the Hindu Law.F W Macnaughten 1824Serampore  
28Court Procedure in Ancient IndiaM K Sharan 1978New Delhi  
29Critical Study of RigvedaD P Patanjal Shashtri 1963New Delhi  
30Decolonizing the Hindu MindKoenraad ElstRupa & Co.2001New Delhi 97981291
31Dharma Sastra or the Hindu Law CodesM N Dutt 1988Delhi  
32Dharma Sastra or the Hindu Law codesM N Dutt 1908Calcutta  
33Dharma Sastra or the Hindu Law codes (English Translation)M N Dutt 1908   
34Digest of Hindu law on contracts & successionH T Colebrooke 1797-1798Calcutta  
35Digest of Hindu law on contracts and successionH T Colebrooke 1874Madras  
36Digest of indu Law from the replies of Shastries in the several courts of the Bombay Presidency. Book 1 inheritanceJ G Buhler 1867Bombay  
37Digest of indu Law from the replies of Shastries in the several courts of the Bombay Presidency. Book 1 inheritanceR West 1867Bombay  
38Divyatattva of Raghunandana BhattacaryaR W Lariviere 1981New Delhi  
39Elements of Hindu LawT Strange 1825London  
40Essay on Hindu jurisprudenceS N Sen 1911Allahabad  
41Essays and lectures on the religions of the HindusH H Wilson 1861London  
42Essays in Classical and Modern Hindu LawJ Duncon M Derrett 1976-1978Leiden  
43Fictions in the development of the Hindu Law textsC S Sastri 1926Madras  
44Figest of the Hindu Law of inheritance partition & adoption etc.J G Buhler 1919London004 
45Figest of the Hindu Law of inheritance partition & adoption etc.R West 1919London004 
46Fo-Sho-Hing-Isan-King: a life of Budha (Sacred books of the East series Vol.19)S Beal 1965Delhi  
47Garuda Puranax Purana 1908Calcutta  
48Garuda PuranamM N Dutt 1908Calcutta  
49General index to the names and subject matter of sacred books of the EastM Winternitz     
50General principles of Hindu jurisprudenceP N Sen 1918Calcutta  
51Hindu CodeHari Singh Gour 1973Allahabad005 
52Hindu CodeHari Singh Gour 1938Nagpur004 
53Hindu codeR N Sarkar 1957Calcutta  
54Hindu CodeShiva Gopal 1958Allahabad  
55Hindu CodePrakash Gyan 1958Allahabad002 
56Hindu Code (Old and New)Shiva Gopal 1958Allahabad002 
57Hindu Family law as administered in British IndiaE J Trevelyan 1929London & Calcutta  
58Hindu HistoryA K MajumdarRupa & Co.2008New Delhi 978-81-291-1576-8
59Hindu Judicial System (Radha Kumud Mookerjee Lectures) 1945S Varadachariar 1945   
60Hindu LawN R RaghavachariarMadras Law Journal Office1999Chennai009 
61Hindu LawN R Raghavachariar 1987Madras008 
62Hindu LawDipankar Das BasuAlia Law Agency2001Allahabad 81-87947-03-9
63Hindu LawS V Gupte 1981Nagpur003 
64Hindu LawP N Chadha 1974Lucknow004 
65Hindu LawS V Gupte 1981Nagpur003 
66Hindu LawN R Raghavachariar 1980Madras007 
67Hindu LawTahir Mahmood 1981Allahabad  
68Hindu LawWerner MenskiOxford University Press2003New Delhi 0-19-566503-1
69Hindu LawR N Chadha 1958Lucknow  
70Hindu LawP N Chadha 1965Delhi003 
71Hindu lawH Cowell 1870Calcutta  
72Hindu LawH Cowell 1871Calcutta  
73Hindu LawJ Duncon M Derrett 1957Calcutta  
74Hindu LawP R Ganapathi Iyer 1915Madras  
75Hindu LawD Pathak 1962Assam  
76Hindu lawN R Raghavachariar 1960Madras004 
77Hindu LawN R Raghavachariar 1947Madras  
78Hindu LawN R Raghavachariar 1965 005 
79Hindu LawC S Ramakrishna 1911Madras  
80Hindu LawM N Srinivasan 1969Allahabad004 
81Hindu LawArshad SubzwariKamal Publishers2007New Delhi002 
82Hindu LawM N Srinivasan 1975Allahabd003 
83Hindu Law !st, 3rd, 4th, and 8th endsG S Sarkar 1897-1940Calcutta  
84Hindu Law & Judicature from the Dharma-sastra of YajnavalkyaE Roer 1861Calcutta  
85Hindu law & judicature from the dharmas sastra of YajnavalkyaEdward Boer 1861Calcutta  
86Hindu law and customJ Jolly 1928Calcutta  
87Hindu Law and Its Constitutional AspectsD Pathak 1986Delhi004 
88Hindu law and jurisprudence with Mimansa rules of interpretationK P Saksena 1941Allahabad  
89Hindu Law and the ConstitutionA M BhattacharjeeEastern Law House1994Calcutta00281-7177-042-8
90Hindu law and usageN L Roy 1965Calcutta002 
91Hindu law in BharatM N Srinivasan 1951Bangalore003 
92Hindu law in British IndiaS V Gupte 1945Bombay  
93Hindu law in British IndiaS V Gupte 1947Bombay002 
94Hindu Law its sourcesG Jha 1930-1933Allahabad  
95Hindu law of adoptionG S Sarkar 1916Calcutta002 
96Hindu Law of InheritanceG C Sarkar 1986   
97Hindu Law of Marriage and DivorceJ Singh 1979Allahabad  
98Hindu Law: with reference to the administration of justice in the King’s Courts in IndiaT Strange     
99Hindu lawsT P Gopalakrishnan 1958Allahabad  
100Hindu lawsC V Menon 1958Allahabad  
101Hindu Marriage ActO P Sharma 1977New Delhi  
102Hindu Marriage Act 1955R P Sethi 1974Jammu  
103Hindu Marriage SamskaraP SahaniWheeler Publishers1993Allahabad  
104Hindu Mythology Vedic and PuranicW J Wilkins 1974London  
105Hindu religionsH H Wilson 1899Calcutta  
106Hindu Society in the Sixteenth Century with Special Reference to Northern IndiaA K Shrivastava 1981New Delhi  
107HinduismA MohapatraMittal Publications1993New Delhi  
108HinduismB MohapatraMittal Publications1993New Delhi  
109HinduismN C Chaudhuri 1979London  
110HinduismArun Shourie 1979Ghaziabad  
111HinduismM Monier Williams 1919London  
112History of DharmasastraP V Kane 1953Poona  
113History of DharmasastraP V Kane 1958Poona  
114History of DharmasastraP V Kane 1968Poona002 
115History of Dharmasastra (ancient and mediaeval religious and civil law)P V Kane 1930-46Poona  
116History of Hindu Law in the Vedic age and in post-Vedic times down to the institutes of ManuPal Radhabinod 1958Calcutta  
117History of the Hindu Law of partition, inheritance and adoptionJ Jolly 1885Calcutta  
118History of the sect. ofG C Haughton 1865London  
119Holy VedasP S Vidyalankar 1983Delhi  
120Hymns of Atharveda-1965M Bloomfield     
121Hymns of the AtharvedaR T H Griffith 1895Banaras  
122Impact of social legislation on social changeB B Chatterjee 1971   
123In Sights Into HinduismR N Dandekar 1979Delhi  
124Institute of Manu (Manava Dharm Sastra)G C Haughton 1825London  
125Institutes of Hindu LawSir W Jones  Calcutta  
126Institutes of Hindu Law or the ordinances of Manux Manu 1794Calcutta  
127Institutes of Vishnu (Sacred Books of the E. Series Vol.7)J Jolly 1965   
128Introduction of Hindu and Mohammendan Law for the use of studentsW Markby 1966Oxford  
129Introduction to Hindu LawU C Sarkar 1973Allahabad  
130Introduction to Modern Hindu LawJ Duncon M Derrett 1963London  
131Jaina Sutras. Pts. 1, 2H Jacobi 1965   
132Joint Hindu FamilyG D Sontheimer 1977New Delhi  
133Joint Hindu FamilyGunther Dietz 1977New Delhi  
134Joint Hindu FamilyG D Sontheimer 1977New Delhi  
135Judicial Separation under Hindu LawD K SinglaDeep and Deep Publications1992New Delhi  
136Juristic personality of Hindu deities.S C Bagchi 1933Calcutta  
137Katyayana-Mata-SangrahaN C Bandyopadhyaya 1927Calcutta  
138Kaundinay Smriti English TranslationP Sri Ramachandrudu 2004   
139Law and custom of Hindu castesA Steele 1868London  
140Law of inheritance from the MitacsharH T Colebrooke 1869Calcutta  
141Law of legal necessities and obligationsH Chatterjee 1910Calcutta  
142Law relating to the joint Hindu familyK Bhattacharya 1885Calcutta  
143Laws of DharamasastrasB N Mani 1989New Delhi  
144Laws of ManuW DonigerPenguin Books1991New Delhi  
145Laws of ManuG Buhler 1965   
146Leading Cases on Hindu Law of Adoption and minority & guardianshipAiyar Srinivasa     
147Leading cases on the Hindu law of debts and transfers.M L Agarwala 1922Allahabad  
148ManuK Motwani 1937Madras  
149Manu and Yajnavalkya – a comparison and contrastK P Jayaswal 1930Calcutta  
150Manu SmritiJ Shastri 1983Delhi  
151Manu SmritiJ H Dave 1972   
152Manu’s land and trade lawsV Ayyar 1927Madras  
153Manual of Hindu LawS G Grady 1871London  
154Manusamhita (English Translation)M N Dutt 1909Calcutta  
155Manusmriti : Constitution of the Vedic SocietyR G ChaturvediUniversal Law Pub. Co.2010New Delhi 978817539025
156Markandeya PuranaDutt Manmatha Nath 1897Calcutta  
157Markandeya Puranax Purana 1897Calcutta  
158Matsya Puranamx Taluqdar 1916Allahabad  
159Mimansa Rules of InterpretationK L SarkarModern Law House2008New Delhi003978-81-87629-56-6
160Mimansa rules of interpretation as applied to Hindu LawK L Sarkar 1909Calcutta  
161Minor Law books Pt. 1 Narada BrihaspatiJ Jolly     
162Miscellaneous essaysH T Colebrooke 1873London  
163Mitacshara and Daya-Bhaga, two treatises on the Hindu Law of inheritanceH T Colebrooke 1883Calcutta  
164Mitacshara Vyavahara AdhyayH T Colebrooke 1870Calcutta  
165Mitacshara Vyavahara AdhyayW H Macnaughten 1870Calcutta  
166Mitaksara law of inheritance Ch.1 Sec. 1-5x Yajnavalkya     
167Modern Hindu LawPeeyushi Diwan 1988Allahabad007 
168Modern Hindu LawParas Diwan 1979Allahabad004 
169Modern Hindu LawParas DiwanAllahabad Law Agency2003Faridabad015 
170Modern Hindu LawPeeyushi DiwanAllahabad Law Agency2003Faridabad015 
171Modern HinduismW J Wilkins 1900Calcutta002 
172Naradiya DharmasastraJ Jolly 1981Delhi  
173Naradiya Dharmasastra or the Institutes of NaradaJ Jolly 1981Delhi  
174Parva NirnayaK Sharma     
175Pehlavi Texts. Pt. The Budhains Bahman Yast and Shayasti Pt.2 to 5 (Sacred books of the East series )E W West     
176Principles of DharmshastraN N Chobe  Allahabad  
177Principles of Hindu and Mohammedan LawW H Machaughten 1865London003 
178Principles of Hindu LawD F MullaButterworths1998New Delhi01781-87162-02-3
179Principles of Hindu LawD F Mulla 1990Bombay016 
180Principles of Hindu LawD F Mulla 1982Bombay015 
181Principles of Hindu LawS T Desai 1974Bombay014 
182Principles of Hindu LawD F Mulla 1974Bombay014 
183Principles of Hindu LawJ C Ghose 1903Calcutta  
184Principles of Hindu LawW H Macnaughten 1886Serampore004 
185Principles of Hindu LawD E Mulla 1919 003 
186Principles of Hindu LawD E Mulla 1924 004 
187Principles of Hindu LawD E Mulla 1937 008 
188Principles of Hindu LawD F Mulla 1946 010 
189Principles of Hindu LawD F Mulla 1952 011 
190Principles of Hindu LawD F Mulla 1959 012 
191Principles of Hindu LawD F Mulla 1966 013 
192Principles of Hindu LawJ C Ghose 1917-19Calcutta003 
193Principles of Hindu LawD F MullaLexis Nexis Butterworths Wadhwa Nagupr2010Gurgoan0219788180385995
194Principles of Hindu Law.D F MullaLexis Nexis Butterworths2007New Delhi020 
195Principles of the Hindu law of inheritanceJ P Sarvadhikari 1922Madras  
196Prose English translation of Agni-PuranamM N Dutt 1903-1904Calcutta  
197Prose English translation of Markandeya PuranaM N Dutt 1897Calcutta  
198Prose-English translation of VishnupuranamM N Dutt 1912Calcutta002 
199Purva Mimamsa in its SourcesG Jha 1964Banaras002 
200Quran: Sacred books of the E. Seriesxx Palmer     
201Rig Veda HymnsR T H Griffith 1897Banaras  
202Rigvedic CultureA C Das 1925Calcutta  
203Sacred laws of the Aryas. Vasishtha & Bandhayana (Part I & II of Vol. 14 of Sacred Books of the East series )G Buhler     
204Sacred Laws of the Aryas:x Yajnavalkya 1913Allahabad  
205Sama VedaR T H Griffith 1893Banaras  
206SamavedaDevi Chand 1981New Delhi002 
207Sarva Darsana Sangraha of MadhavacharyaE B Cowell 1981Ahmedabad  
208Sarva Darsana Sangraha of MadhavacharyaA E Gough 1981Ahmedabad  
209Select worksH H Wilson 1861London  
210Select WritingsR N Dandekar 1979-1982Delhi  
211Selection of leading cases on the Hindu law of inheritance. Pt. 2J B Norton 1871Madras  
212Short treatise on Hindu LawH Cowell 1895Calcutta  
213Smritichandrika (text) by DevannabhattaG R Gharpure 1918Bombay  
214Smritichandrika (Vyavahara Kanda part I)G R Gharpure 1948Bombay001 
215Social life in Ancient IndiaS Chattopadhyaya 1965Calcutta  
216Statutory changes in Hindu law with short commentsM N Srinivasan 1957Allahabad  
217Studies in the Purva MimamsaJ W Chapman 1984Delhi  
218Studies in the Purva MimamsaS G Moghe 1984Delhi  
219Supreme Court on Hindu Law (1950-71)Jai Prakash 1971   
220Supreme Court on Hindu Law. 1970A C Gambhir 1971   
221Teachings of DharmasastraG R Gharpure 1956Lucknow  
222Text book of Hindu lawD N Agarwala 1956 002 
223Text book of Hindu lawD N Agarwala 1958 003 
224Text book of Hindu LawR Dayal 1959Allahabad003 
225Texts of the White YajurvedaR T H Griffith 1899Banaras  
226Texture to Contest Alienations under Hindu LawB S Saini  Ambala  
227The Holy VedasP S VidyalankarClarion Books Delhi  
228Treatise on Hindu LawS Venkataraman 1972   
229Treatise on Hindu Law & UsageJohn D MayneBharat Law House2008New Delhi01681-7737-143-6
230Treatise on Hindu Law and UsageJohn D MayneBharat Law Hou se1996New Delhi01481-85224-68-4
231Treatise on Hindu Law and UsageJohn D MayneBharat Law House1996New Delhi01481-85224-68-4
232Treatise on Hindu Law and UsageJohn D MayneBharat Law House1991New Delhi013 
233Treatise on Hindu Law and UsageJohn D Mayne 1986New Delhi012 
234Treatise on Hindu Law and usageJ D Mayne 1953Madras011 
235Two treatises on the Hindu Law of inheritanceH T Colebrooke 1822Madras  
236Vacaspati MisraL Rocher 1956   
237Vedic IndiaH P Chakraborti 1981Calcutta  
238View of the Hindu LawJ M Nelson 1877Madras  
239Vishnupuranamx Purana 1912Calcutta002 
240Vishnusmriti with the commentary kesavavaijayant of NandapanditaV Krishnamachari 1964Madras  
241Viva Chintamani Commentary on the Hindoo Law prevalent in MithilaMisra Vachaspati 1965Madras002 
242Vivada Chinatamani from the original sanskrit of Vachaspati MisraP C Tagore 1865Madras002 
243Vivada ChintamaniV Misra 1986   
244Vivada ChintamaniMisra Vachaspati 1941   
245Vivada RatnakaraK Iyer     
246Vivadachintamani of Vachspati MishraG Jha 1942Baroda  
247VivadaratnakaraC Thakkura 1986   
248Vyavahara Mayukha : A treatise on positive law by Bhatta KanthaG R Gharpure 1924Bombay  
249Vyavahara Mayukha also the Yajna-Valkya Smriti Parts 1-2V N Mandlik 1880Bombay  
250Vyavastha-ChandrikaS C Sarkar 1878Calcutta  
251Vyavastha-Darpana : A digest of Hindu Law, as current in all the Provinces of India, except Bengal, Vol-1, 2S C Sarkar 1833Calcutta  
252Yagnavalkya SmritiS S Setlur 1912Madras  
253Yajnavalkya Smriti with the commentary of Vijnanesvara called the MitaksaraS C Vidyarnava 1918Allahabad  
254Yajnavalkyasimriti and the Mitakshara (General introduction & indexes)G R Gharpure 1944Bombay  
255YajurvedaDevi Chand 1980New Delhi003 
256Zend Avesta Pt.3 (Sacred books of the East series Vol.31)L M Mills 1965Delhi  
257Zend-A Vasta : Pt. 1 The Vendidad Pt.2 The Sirozah Yasts etc.J Darmesterer     

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