Supreme Court Civil Digest

  • Om Prakash Vs. Suresh Kumar-30/01/2020 - The principal argument of the appellant is that the statement made by his counsel before the High Court was not binding on him, as it was made without his instructions.We hasten to add neither the client nor the court is bound by the lawyer's statements or admissions as to matters of law or legal conclusions. Thus, according to generally accepted notions of professional responsibility, lawyers should follow the client's instructions rather than substitute their judgment for that of the client. We may add that in some cases, lawyers can make decisions without consulting the client.
  • Sri Prabodh Ch. Das and Anr. Vs. Mahamaya Das and Ors-13/12/2019 - whether the High Court is justified in dismissing the second appeal on merits in the absence of the learned counsel for the appellants.