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Why I Am a Socialist-Annie Besant (1886)

A Socialist! you don’t mean to say you are a Socialist!” Such is the exclamation with which anyone who adopts the much-hated name of Socialist is sure to be greeted in “polite society”. A Socialist is supposed to go about with his pocket full of bombs and his mind full of assassinations; he is a kind of wild beast, to be hunted down with soldiers if he lives under Bismarck, with sneers, abuse, and petty persecutions if he lives under Victoria

Sree Chaitanya-Raghupathi Venkataratnam Naidu-1886

The man without bondage

Chaitanya, the apostle of Vaishnavism in Bengal, was born at Navadweepa (Nuddea), in 1485 of the Christian Era; and was, therefore, two years younger than that immortal champion of Christian Protestantism, Martin Luther.*[1] Portents and miracles have always heralded a great man into the world. Nature is supposed to rejoice at the advent of a noble soul, by breaking through its law and uniformity.