Nazi Documents 1935

Nazi Germany [1935] Under Dictator Adolf Hitler through The Nazi Party (National Socialist German Workers’ Party/Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei/NSDAP) Goto INDEX PAGE [ 1933-1945] The year 1935 Fifth ordinance amending and supplementing the second ordinance for the implementation of the law for the restoration of the…

Protection of German Blood and German Honor-Germany 1935

Nuremberg Law-Moved by the understanding that purity of the German Blood is the essential condition for the continued existence of the German people, and inspired by the inflexible determination to ensure the existence of the German Nation for all time, the Reichstag has unanimously adopted the following Law, which is promulgated herewith

Government of India Act 1935

All rights, authority and jurisdiction heretofore belonging to His Majesty the King, Emperor of India, which appertain or are incidental to the government of the territories in India for the time being vested in him, and all rights, authority and jurisdiction exercisable by him in or in relation to any other territories in India, are exercisable by His Majesty, except in so far as may be otherwise provided by or under this Act, or as may be otherwise directed by His Majesty: