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What is sleep

Sleep is the fundamental anabolic process common to all life forms, plant and animal. In animals the anabolic state – sleep – is characterized by an absolute minimal degree of consciousness and decreased responsiveness to […]

What is Cognitive Science

Cognitive science Cognitive science is usually defined as the scientific study either of mind or of intelligence (e.g. Luger 1994). Practically every introduction to cognitive science also stresses that it is highly interdisciplinary; it is often said to […]

What is Cognition

Cognition The term cognition(Noun- Similar Cognizance) is used in several different loosely related ways. In psychology it is used to refer to the mental processeses of an individual, with particular relation to a view that argues that […]

New Syllabus for Applied Psychology(PG) Delhi University from [2019-2020]

Application of psychological principles to solve human problems has acquired new dimension with the changing nature of the challenges that the world faces today. In view of this, the scientific discipline of Applied Psychology has emerged as a natural process of evolution in the knowledge base. It has gathered spectacular momentum in recent years. In this context a post-graduate training in Applied Psychology has been a need of the time. It demands a comprehensive curriculum. For preparing the applied psychologists of the future, equipping them with skills and adequate knowledge-bases, attempt has been made to incorporate professional training in three principal domains of the discipline such as: (A) Clinical and Health Psychology, (B) Organizational Behaviour and (C) Counselling and Social Psychology, as specializations, apart from focusing on understanding of the fundamental psychological processes, and research methods in Applied Psychology.