Doctrine of pari delicto is not designed to reward ‘wrong-doer’ or to penalize ‘wronged’

What is the Doctrine of Doctrine of pari delicto? Doctrine of pari delicto-To deny access to justice to a tenant who is, obliged to yield to the unlawful demands of the landlord in this scenario by invoking the doctrine of…

Doctrine of election

The doctrine of election is based on the rule of estoppel - the principle that one cannot approbate and reprobate inheres in it. The doctrine of estoppel by election is one of the species of estoppel in pais (or equitable estoppel) which is a rule in equity.

Expediency Doctrine of : Herbert Spencer

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Waiver is an intentional relinquishment of a right. It involves conscious abandonment of an existing legal right, advantage, benefit, claim or privilege, which except for such a waiver, a party could have enjoyed. In fact, it is an agreement not to assert a right. There can be no waiver unless the person who is said to have waived, is fully informed as to his rights and with full knowledge about the same, he intentionally abandons them.

Legal Principles

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