The West was Christianized-not civilized: Lectures of R. G. Ingersoll on Voltaire

To attack the king was treason; to dispute the priest was blasphemy. These robbers and these beggars controlled two worlds. The king made laws, the priest made creeds. Both obtained their authority from God, both were the agents of the infinite. With bowed backs the people carried the burdens of one, and with wonder's open mouth received the dogmas of the other. If the people aspired to be free, they were crushed by the king, and every priest was a Herod, who slaughtered the children of the brain.

Report of the International Law Commission- 71 Session 2019

TOPICS-Crimes against humanity. Peremptory norms of general international law (jus cogens)-Protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts-Succession of States in respect of State responsibility-Immunity of State officials from foreign criminal jurisdiction-General principles of law-Sea-level rise in relation to international law.