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International Investment Position of India-June 2020

Net claims of non-residents on India declined for the fourth consecutive quarter and stood at US$ 345.7 billion at end-June 2020-The decline of US$ 29.7 billion in net claims during Q1:2020-21 was mainly due to an increase of US$ 27.9 billion in reserve assets. Among the constituents of foreign-owned assets, loans, foreign direct investment (FDI) and currency and deposits increased, whereas portfolio investment declined during the quarter.

CICs hold 90% of their assets in equity, preference shares or convertibles bonds or loans.

Core Investment Companies, (CIC) are those companies which have their assets predominantly as investments in shares for holding stake in group companies but not for trading, and also do not carry on any other financial activity. These companies a minimum 90% of their assets in the group concerns either in the form of equity, preference shares or convertibles bonds or loans. Further the component of equity holdings should not be less than 60% of their assets.

The Cayman Islands: An unique international financial center

Wealthy individuals from all over the world can also enjoy the privacy and the tax neutrality of the Cayman Islands. People from North and South Americas find it very convenient especially because of its geographical vicinity and time zone. You can buy or sell stocks in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) through the Cayman Islands on a real-time basis.

How to Create a Hedge Fund

Hedge funds(only for Accredited investors) pool money from investors and invest in securities or other types of investments with the goal of getting positive returns. Hedge funds are not regulated as heavily as mutual funds and generally have more leeway than mutual funds to pursue investments and strategies that may increase the risk of investment losses.


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