A policy factor like the presence of a strongly
institutionalized regime of policy objectives is found to be conducive for use, but not necessarily influence, in several cases. In fact, many different factors contributed to the use or non-use of indicators in these studies, and often it was more a cluster of factors than individual aspects which was decisive for their use or non-use. [Policy influence of indicators – POINT- European Commission]

the rule of law is about safeguarding rights. The rule of law protects not only procedural rights through legal supremacy, certainty and due process, but also important substantive rights through an independent and impartial judiciary and laws consistent with international human rights standards. In many countries of the world, the rule of law operationalizes human rights through constitutional and legal protections, institutions for effective implementation and accountability, judicial and administrative remedies, and the legal empowerment of people to access justice and claim their rights.

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