Vladimir Putin held a meeting on current situation in oil and gas sector-14/04/2022

We must diversify exports. Let us assume that energy supplies to the West will continue going down in the foreseeable future. Therefore, it is important to consolidate the trend of the past few years: to redirect our exports gradually to the rapidly growing markets of the South and the East. To achieve this, we must determine the key infrastructure facilities and start their construction in the near future.

Address by President Vladimir Putin to the Russian Federation- 24/02/2022

Then came the turn of Iraq, Libya and Syria. The illegal use of military power against Libya and the distortion of all the UN Security Council decisions on Libya ruined the state, created a huge seat of international terrorism, and pushed the country towards a humanitarian catastrophe, into the vortex of a civil war, which has continued there for years. The tragedy, which was created for hundreds of thousands and even millions of people not only in Libya but in the whole region, has led to a large-scale exodus from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe.

Russia and China: A Future-Oriented Strategic Partnership – Vladimir Putin (03/02/2022)

Russia and China are actively cooperating on the broadest agenda within BRICS, RIC, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, as well as other associations. Within the G20, we are committed to taking national specifics into account when formulating our recommendations, be it the fight against pandemics or the implementation of the climate agenda. Thanks to a large extent to our countries' shared solidarity, following the 2021 G20 Summit in Rome informed decisions were made on international cooperation to restore economic growth, recognize vaccines and vaccine certificates, optimize energy transitions, and reduce digitalization risks.

13th VTB Capital Russia Calling! Investment Forum- Remarks of Vladimir Putin-30/12/2021

Our economy is growing at 4.7 percent of the GDP this year. It is not the world’s highest, we are aware of that, yet it is a fairly good number for us. And the key is that we are trying to do everything based on the principles of macroeconomic policy. It is important to take the necessary decisions in due time, to analyse the outcome of the decisions made and to proceed from them in developing new plans.

Vladimir Putin’s annual news conference-2021

As for small and medium-size enterprises – catering, gyms, cinemas, and even theatres, museums, etc., all the enterprises in the service sector – of course, they were the first to suffer. However, they were also the first to receive our support. There was a whole range of measures. I do not know whether I need to list them all. This included subsidised loans, direct support to save jobs and wages, reduced interest rates, loan payments in installments, lease subsidies, etc. By the way, some of these measures are still in place, and you know this.