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On Education-Mikhail Bakunin-1869

In society as presently constituted, the advances of science have been at the root of the relative ignorance of the proletariat, just as the progress of industry and commerce have been at the root of its relative impoverishment. Thus, intellectual progress and material progress have contributed in equal measure towards the exacerbation of the slavery of the proletariat. Meaning what? Meaning that we have a duty to reject and resist that bourgeois science, just as we have a duty to reject and resist bourgeois wealth. And reject and resist them in this sense – that in destroying the social order which turns it into the preserve of one or of several classes, we must lay claim to it as the common inheritance of all the world.

Russian Government Decree № 714 “Approval of rules for compulsory insurance of the life and health of patient”

This Typical rules determines insurance rates for compulsory insurance of the life and health of a Patient involved in Clinical Trials of a medicinal product (hereinafter “Clinical Trials”), the order of establishing of the individual identification code of the Patient by the Insurant, the order of informing of the Insurer by the Insurant on the Patients involved in Clinical Trials the procedure for the payment of the insurance premium, the list of documents required to enable payment of benefits, the procedure for exercising the rights and obligations of the parties to a compulsory life and health insurance of a Patient involved in Clinical Trials, against any harm caused to the Patient’s life or health as a result of the clinical trial and effecting on relations, emerged from the above mentioned agreement.


This Federal Law regulates relations arising in connection with circulation, i.e. development, preclinical trials, clinical trials, expert examination, state registration, standardization and quality control, production, manufacture, storage, transportation, import into the Russian Federation, export from the Russian Federation, advertising, dispensation, distribution, transfer, use and destruction of medicines.


Entered into force December 11, 1990-This Treaty, including the Protocol which forms an integral part hereof, shall be subject to ratification in accordance with the constitutional procedures of each Party. This Treaty shall enter into force on the day of the exchange of instruments of ratification which exchange shall take place simultaneously with the exchange of instruments of ratification of the Treaty on the Limitation of Underground Nuclear Weapon Tests.

Measures against economic impact due to coronavirus by Russian Government-21/03/2020

The first is the labour market, possible layoffs and even unemployment. At present, various flexible employment opportunities should be considered – reduced workdays in some places and working remotely in others, which fits with medical recommendations best. We will separately monitor how the transition to working remotely is proceeding. Layoffs must be the last resort even under the current fairly complicated situation.

Our Programme: V.I. Lenin 1899

V. I. Lenin

We have already said that the essence of this programme consists in the organisation of the class struggle of the proletariat and in carrying on this struggle, the final aim of which is the seizure of political power by the proletariat and the construction of a socialist society. The class struggle of the proletariat is divided into: the economic fight  and the political fight