Seminar on Human Trafficking-Supreme Court of Cyprus-2020

some Governments use Human Trafficking to further their own political goals. I refer to our neighbouring country Turkey, which allows the refugee trade to flourish on its shores and borders. And the only reason I mention this, is because we have proportionally become the first country in Europe with the most refugees, who now constitute almost 4% of the population, thus presenting a huge security problem to Cyprus.

Guide to Judicial Conduct-Supreme Court of Cyprus-11/11/2020

. A judicial officeholder should not sit on a case either singly (single-judge bench) or as a member of a judicial panel exercising jurisdiction of any instance, in which a member of the “judge’s family” appears as an advocate as well as when the advocate before the Court is the employer of or an employee of or a partner in or a tenant in the same chamber, working under the same roof as the advocate in question.


Desiring to make provisions to give effect to the Declaration made by the Government of the United Kingdom on the 17th of February, 1959, during the Conference at London, in accordance with the subsequent Declarations made at the Conference by the Foreign Ministers of Greece and Turkey, by the Representative of the Greek Cypriot Community and by the Representative of the Turkish Cypriot Community