Statements by Italian President Giuseppe Conte, on new measures to fight Coronavirus epidemic-21/03/2020

Pharmacies, parapharmacies, banking, postal, insurance and financial services will continue to remain open. We will ensure all essential public services, such as transport. We will of course also ensure all related, ancillary, functional to those allowed and essential activities. We will obviously also ensure all connected, ancillary, functional to permitted activities and essential ones.

Agreement Between The Government Of The Republic Of Italy And The Holy See On Tax Matters-2015

Considering that the Lateran Pacts and precisely the Treaty between Italy and the Holy See signed on February 11, 1929 (the Lateran Treaty) regulate the relationship between the Republic of Italy and the Holy See; Considering present measures taken worldwide in order to achieve a higher transparency of financial relationships and having the mutual desire to achieve the highest level of transparency also through the exchange of information to tax purposes in the field of administrative cooperation;

Lateran Treaty of 1929

Lateran Pacts of 1929 The Lateran Pacts of 1929 [King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy and Pope Pius XI] contained three sections—the Treaty of Conciliation (27 articles) which established Vatican City as […]