Texts of PM’s address at Joint Conference of CMs and Chief Justices of High Courts-30/04/2022

न्यायिक सुधार केवल एक नीतिगत विषय या policy matter ही नहीं है। देश में लंबित करोड़ों केसेस के लिए policy से लेकर technology तक, हर संभव प्रयास देश में हो रहे हैं और हमने बार-बार इसकी चर्चा भी की है। इस conference में भी आप सब experts इस विषय पर विस्तार से बात करेंगे ही ये मुझे पूरा विश्वास है और मैं शायद बहुत लंबे अर्से से तक इस मीटिंग में बैठा हुआ हूं।

Judges and Parliament in UK

A Parliamentary Committee can be an appropriate forum for judges to give their views on current issues affecting the administration of justice and to allow them to comment upon appropriate topics. In recent times the senior judiciary has responded to invitations to comment on the creation of the Ministry of Justice.

Judicial conduct

Complaints about judicial conduct are considered by a nominated judge, who will either make a recommendation straight away to the Lord Chief Justice and the Lord Chancellor, or refer the case to an investigating judge. Ultimately a recommendation will be made to the Lord Chief Justice and Lord Chancellor, who will have to decide what action, if any, to take.

Excepting Administrative Law Judges From the Competitive Service in USA-10/07/2018

Previously, appointments to the position of ALJ have been made through competitive examination and competitive service selection procedures. The role of ALJs, however, has increased over time and ALJ decisions have, with increasing frequency, become the final word of the agencies they serve. Given this expanding responsibility for important agency adjudications, and as recognized by the Supreme Court in Lucia, at least some—and perhaps all—ALJs are “Officers of the United States” and thus subject to the Constitution's Appointments Clause, which governs who may appoint such officials.

If Judges are precluded from taking up post-retirement jobs it may be said that considerable, expertise and ability which otherwise could have been utilised for the nation would be lost.

If the Judges are precluded from taking up post-retirement jobs or moving into active politics, it may be said that considerable experience, expertise and ability which otherwise could have been utilised for the benefit of the nation would be lost. Granting that some talent and experience may be lost, the 'greatest good of the greatest number' would be adequately served. It is difficult to accept the proposition that the Bar cannot spare eminent jurists and advocates to man the various Commissions and various other posts.