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Contents  Chapters
Police Regulations Bengal 1943
Chapter I. Organization
Chapter II. Relations with Other Departments
Chapter III. Direction and Control
Chapter IV. Privileges and General Instructions
Chapter V. Circle Inspectors
Chapter VI. The Police-Station
Chapter VII. Court Police
Chapter VIII. Railway Police
Chapter IX. Criminal Investigation Department
Chapter X. Establishments
Chapter XI. Special Armed Force
Chapter XII. Appointment, Recruitment and Promotion
Chapter XIII. Pay, Increments and Allowances
Chapter XIV. Training and Examination
Chapter XV. Leave, Postings and Transfers
Chapter XVI. Resignation, Retirement, Pension and Gratuity
Chapter XVII. Punishments and Appeals
Chapter XVIII. Reserve Office
Chapter XIX. Uniform and Clothing
Chapter XX. Arms, Ammunition and Stores
Chapter XXI. Medical Attendance and Police Hospitals
Chapter XXII. Honours, Decorations and Rewards
Chapter XXIII. Superintendent’s Office
Chapter XXIV. Accounts
Chapter XXV. Buildings and Housing
Chapter XXVI. Furniture, Forms, Stationery and Stamps


CHAPTER I-Organisation                            [Regulations]

Interpretations ` 1
Organization 2-12

CHAPTER II-Relations with other Departments.

Relations with Commissioners and District and other Magistrates 13-23
Allegations against police officers and comments’ by courts 24 -29
Relations with courts and public prosecutors and’ Government pleaders 30 -31
Relations with panchayats and union boards and the public. 32-33 .
Relations with retired police officers 34

CHAPTER III-Direction and Control

Powers and duties 35-46
Inspections. . 47-52
Supervision of cases 53-56
Touring .. 57-64
Prosecutions. 65-67
Case diaries. 68.Police Regulations Bengal 1943
Gazettes. . 69-74
Confidential Reports 75-81

CHAPTER IV-Privileges and General Instructions.

Privileges,etc 82-98.
Defence of police officers in criminal and civil suits 99-104
Government servants.conduct rules and other general instructions 105 -120
Co-operation, conferences and meetings. 121-130
Assemblies and processions. 131-144
Employment of armed parties and use of firearms by the police during riots and disturbances 145-158
Miscellaneous instructions 159-168
General instructions relating to attendance in office, records and correspondence 169 -188

CHAPTER V-Circle Inspectors.

General duties of Circle Inspectors.
Registers and records, reports and returns.  189-200

CHAPTER VI-Police-station.[Regulation 201 t0 210 ] 
General duties of the staff. 201-242
Information. … 243-254
Investigation. 255-298
Unnatural deaths and injuries 299-314
Arrests, custody and escort.. 315-333
Inspection. … 334-335
Surveillance 336-354
Outposts and patrols. . 355-361
Rural police 362-372
Registers and records, Reports and returns 373-408
Cash Account 409-410
CHAPTER VIl-Court police
Prosecuting staff and general duties of Court Officers 411-425
Institution, preparation and prosecution of cases. 426-467
Warrants, processes and bail and recognizance bonds 468-477
Under-trial prisoners. 478-489
Registration of criminals
Fingerprints and P. R. system. … 490-521
Chemical examination of exhibits. 522-524
Court malkhana and custody of property. .. 525-529
Registers and records, reports and returns. . 530-547
Cash Account 548
CHAPTER VIlI-Railway Police.

General duties of the staff and Jurisdiction. . 549-564Police Regulations Bengal 1943
Relations with Railway officials 565-567
Co-operation with District Police 568-585
Railway police station and investigation and prosecution of cases 586-601
Accidents.. 602-603
Registers and records, reports and returns 604-610

CHAPTER IX - Criminal Investigation Departments

Functions of the department. 611-615
Control and assistance in enquiries and investigations ,and detective warrants 616-631
Criminal Intelligence Bureau. 632-634
Photographic Bureau. 635-639
Handwriting expert. 640
Foot print expert. 641
Forged notes experts 642
Finger print Bureau. 643-657

CHAPTER X-Establishments.
Police cadres 658
District Police establishments and casualty reserve and disposition of force 659-662
Mobilization contingents, 663
powers to withdraw force. 664-665
Guards for Government .Departments and private parties; Additional and Special
Police 666-676
Special Constabulary Reserve 677
Reduction arid renewal of establishment. 678-680
Detailed list of establishment 681

CHAPTER XI – Special Armed Force.
Special Armed Force and its composition 682-683
Drill and exercises 684
Emergency force 685
Duties of officers in regard to the efficiency of Special Armed Force 686
Discipline of unarmed police temporarily at headquarters 687
Rank of Sergeants for the purpose of certain Act 688
Guards and escorts 689-726
Guards of honour 727
Salute and compliments 728
Protection of His Excellency the Viceroy and His Excellency the Governor 729
Public and Private arrivals of His Excellency the Viceroy and His Excellency the
Governor and the Hon, ble Ministers 730-731
Ceremonial parades 732

CHAPTER XII-Appointment, Recruitment and Promotion.
Appointment of Assistant Superintendents 733
Registers of retired members of the Indian Police 734
Appointment of Deputy Superintendents and honorary Deputy Superintendents 735-736
Appointment and promotion of subordinate police officers and compounders 737-764
Private employment and employment in other departments or under other
Governments 765
Clerical appointments 766-769
Periodical returns of appointments in subordinate services and posts 770
Enrolment of boatmen and crews 771

CHAPTER XIII-Pay, Increments and Allowances.
General conditions of service 772-774
Pay, special pay and increments. 775-783
Passage pay and concessions 784-785
Grants for purchase and maintenance of uniform, horse and saddlery 786
Conveyance and compensatory allowances. … 787-788

CHAPTER XIV-Training and Examination.
Training at the Police Training College and in districts . 789-792
Training of Drill Instructors. 793
Training of buglers. 794
Training of mobilization contingents. 795
Musketry and revolver courses and award of prizes. 796-797
Training in “First Aid
to the Injured” and in Nursing.. 798-799
Athletic Club. 800
Departmental examination of probationary Assistant and Deputy
Superintendents 801
Acquisition and maintenance of knowledge of the vernacular. 802
Examination in oriental and tribal languages 803-804
Examination of Sub-Inspectors and Sergeants in the vernacular and of
Sub Inspectors in law and procedure and criminology 805-806
Examination of clerks in accounts and office procedure. … 807

CHAPTER XV-Leave, Postings and Transfers.
Leave how regulated 808
Limit of absentees 809
Powers to grant leave and leave procedure 810-817
Casual leave 818-819
Hospital and other leave 820-823
Leave of officers enrolled in the Auxiliary Force 824
Leave of hospital subordinates 825Police Regulations Bengal 1943
Leave of clerks 826
Miscellaneous leave rules 827-833
Authority competent to make transfers and general instructions 834-835
Periodical transfers 836-837
Joining time 838
Transfer of charge 439

CHAPTER XVI-Resignation, Retirement, Pension, and Gratuity.
Resignation and retirement- 840-844
Pension and gratuity 845-855
CHAPTER XVII-Punishments and Appeals.
General instructions and powers of punishments 856-859
Punishments of hospital staff 860
Proceedings 861
Miscellaneous rules regarding punishments and black marks 862-877
Punishment drill and confinement to quarters 878
Discipline, punishments and appeals of clerks 879
Suspension 880-881
Appellate authority and appeals 882-887
Petitions. 888-891

CHAPTER XVIlI-Reserve Office.
Reserve office. 892
Orderly room. 893
Reserve to reside in the lines. 894
Orderlies. 895
Duties of Armed Inspectors and Sergeants .. 896-898
Miscellaneous rules. 899-904
Registers and records, reports and returns 905-926
Motor vehicles for the conveyance of the police on duty 926A

CHAPTER XIX-Uniform and Clothing
Uniform of officers of the Indian Police. 927-928
Wearing of medals and decorations. 929
Officers employed on same duty, how to be dressed. 930
Wearing of uniform at fancy dress balls. 931
Public mourning-wearing of bands at memorial services. … 932
Uniform of officers of the Bengal Police Service 933
Wearing of uniform by retired officers 934
Uniform of subordinate police officers and others 935-953
Supply and maintenance of kits. 954-968
Appointment of contractors, indents for clothing, clothing accounts and kit
inspections, etc. 969-982

CHAPTER XX-Arms, Ammunition, and Stores.
Definition of ordance stores and scale of arms and and ammunition and responsibility of
Superintendents. 983-986
General instructions regarding indents for ordance stores-987-994
Custody and care of arms and ammunition. . 995-998
Account or arms and ammunition 999-1000
Inspection and cleaning of arms 1001-1002
Armourers 1003-1004
Miscellaneous instructions 1005-1011
Revolver and revolvar ammunition. 1012-1014
Deposit or small arms and ammunition by officers proceeding on leave in police
armoury 1015
Accoutrements. 1016-1019
Camp equipage 1020-1022
Padlocks 1023
Statement showing strength and armament of the force 1024
Return of expenditure on stores purchased in India 1025

CHAPTER XXI-Medical Attendance and Police Hospitals.
Medical aid and physical fitness of police officers 1026-1027
Admission into Police and Railway Hospital. … 1028-1032
Diet and diet sarkar 1033-1034
Preventive measures against malaria. 1035

CHAPTER XXII-Honours, Decorations and Rewards.
Honours and decorations 1036-1045
Replacement of lost medals 1046
Rewards and good service marks. 1047-1063
Honoraria. 1064

CHAPTER XXIII-Superintendent’s Office.
Office staff, office hours and holidays. 1065-1068
Office procedure and routine; registers and records; reports and returns 1069-1103
Office work connected with crime and other matters. … 1104-1131

Authoritative rules for keeping accounts .. 1132
Cash and cash accounts 1133-1144
Security deposits. 1145
Budget estimate and budget control 1146-1149
Contigencies and contigent registers and bills 1150-1181
Pay bills, acquittance rolls and distribution of Pay 1182-1213
Travelling allowance and travelling allowance bills 1214-1238
Advances and recoveries 1239-1246

CHAPTER XXV-Buildings and Housing.
General instructions. 1247-1251
Communications and Works Departments buildings 1252-1258
Departmental buildings. 1259-1270
Miscellaneous 1271-1278

CHAPTER XXVI-Furniture, Forms, Stationery and Stamps.

Scale of furniture and stores. 1279
Stock book 1280
Forms 1281-1285
Stationery, typewriters and duplicators. 1286-1288
Service stamps. 1289
Issue of forms, stationery and service stamps. … 1290


Police Regulation for criminal Investigation[ extract from PRB]