State Laws

Rajasthan State Acts

Agricolture University, Jobner (Change of Name) Act, 2014
Agricolture University, Jodhpur Act, 2013
Agricolture University, Kota Act, 2013
Ajmer Development Authority Act, 2013
Apprentices (Rajasthan Amendment) Act, 2014
Brij University, Bharatpur (Change of Name) Act, 2014
Brij University, Bharatpur Act, 2012
Career Point University, Kota Act, 2012
Code of Criminal Procedure (Rajasthan Amendment) Act, 2014
Contract Labour (Regolation and Abolition) (Rajasthan Amendment) Act, 2014
Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Law University, Jaipur Act, 2012
Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur (Amendment) Act, 2015
Factories (Rajasthan Amendment) Act, 2014
Geetanjali University, Udaipur Act, 2012
Haridev Joshi University of Journalism and Mass Communication, Jaipur Act, 2012
Homoeopathy University, Jaipur Act, 2010
ICFAI University, Jaipur Act, 2011
IIHMR University, Jaipur Act, 2014
Industrial Disputes (Rajasthan Amendment) Act, 2014
J. K. Lakshmipat University, Jaipur Act, 2011
JECRC University, Jaipur Act, 2012
Madhav University, Pindwara (Sirohi) Act, 2014
Maharaj Vinayak Global University, Jaipur Act, 2012
Maharana Pratap University of Agricolture and Technology Udaipur (Amendment) Act, 2013
Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences and Technology, Jaipur Act, 2011
Manipal University, Jaipur Act, 2011
Matsya University, Alwar (Change of Name) Act, 2014
Matsya University, Alwar Act, 2012
Maolana Azad University, Jodhpur Act, 2013
Mody University of Science and Technology, Lakshmangarh (Sikar) Act, 2013
NIIT University, Neemrana (Alwar) Act, 2010
OPJS University, Churu Act, 2013
Pacific Medical University, Udaipur Act, 2014
Poornima University, Jaipur Act, 2012
Pratap University, Jaipur Act, 2011
Raffles University, Neemrana (Alwar) Act, 2011
Rajasthan (Regolation of Appointments to Public Services and Rationalisation of Staff) Act, 1999
Rajasthan (Regolation of Appointments to Public Services and Rationalisation of staff) Act,1999
Rajasthan Agricoltural Produce Markets (Amendment) Act, 2011
Rajasthan Animal Disease Act, 1959
Rajasthan Ayurved Nursing Council Act, 2012
Rajasthan Ayurved University (Change of Name) Act, 2011
Rajasthan Bovine Animal (Prohibition of Slaughterand Regolation of Temporary Migration or Export) Act, 1995
Rajasthan Civil Courts (Amendment) Act, 2014
Rajasthan Civil Services (Service Matters Appellate Tribunals) Act, 1976
Rajasthan Electricity (Duty) Act, 1962
Rajasthan Enterprises Single Window Enabling and Clearance Act, 2011
Rajasthan Entertainments and Advertisements Tax Act, 1957
Rajasthan Excise Act, 1950
Rajasthan Farmers’ Participation in Management of Irrigation Systems Act, 2000
Rajasthan Farmers’ Participation in Management of Irrigation Systems Act,2000
Rajasthan Fiscal Responsibilities and Budget Management Act, 2005
Rajasthan Forest Act, 1953
Rajasthan Gaushala Act, 1960
Rajasthan Go-Seva Ayog Act, 1995
Rajasthan Goods (Control of Production, Supply, Distribution and Trade and Commerce) Act, 2014
Rajasthan Guaranteed Delivery of Public Services Act, 2011
Rajasthan Lakes (Protection and Development) Authority Act, 2015
Rajasthan Legislative Assembly (Officers and Members Emoluments and Pension) (Amendment) Act, 2010
Rajasthan Live-Stock Improvement Act, 1958
Rajasthan Lokayukta and Up-Lokayuktas Act, 1973
Rajasthan Monuments, Archaeological Sites and Antiquities Act, 1961
Rajasthan Municipalities (Amendment) Act, 2010
Rajasthan Non-Trading Companies Act, 1960
Rajasthan Panchayati Raj (Amendment) Act, 2010
Rajasthan Police Act, 2007
Rajasthan Power Sector Reforms Act, 1999
Rajasthan Prevention of Defacement of Property (Amendment) Act, 2015
Rajasthan Prevention of Witch-hunting Act, 2015
Rajasthan Private Universities Act, 2005
Rajasthan Public Demands Recovery Act, 1952
Rajasthan Rehabilitation of Beggars or Indigents Act, 2012
Rajasthan Right to Hearing Act, 2012
Rajasthan River Basin and Water Resources Planning Act, 2015
Rajasthan Ropeways Act, 1996
Rajasthan SC, ST, BC, SBC and Economically Backward Class (Reservation of Seats in Educational Institutions in The State and of Appointments and Postes in Services Under the State) Act,2008
Rajasthan Schedoled Castes, Schedoled Tribes, Backward Classes, Special Backward Classes and Economically Backward Classes (Reservation of Seats in Educationa Act, 2008
Rajasthan Schools (Regolation of Collection of Fee) Act, 2013
Rajasthan Society Registration Act, 1958
Rajasthan Special Courts Act, 2012
Rajasthan Sports University, Jhunjhunu Act, 2013
Rajasthan Stamp Act, 1998
Rajasthan State Bus Terminal Development Authority Act, 2015
Rajasthan State Cattle Fairs Act, 1963
Rajasthan State Commission for Minorities Act, 2001
Rajasthan State Highways Act, 2014
Rajasthan State Legislature (Delegation of Power) Act,1993
Rajasthan Tax on Entry of Goods into Local Areas Act, 1999
Rajasthan Tax on Entry of Motor Vehicles into Local Area Act, 1988
Rajasthan Tax on Luxuries (In Hotels and Lodging Houses) Act, 1990
Rajasthan Tourism Trade (Facilitation and Regolation) Act, 2010
Rajasthan Transparency Public Procurement Act, 2012
Rajasthan University of Health Sciences Act, 2005
Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Bill, 2010
Rajasthan Water Resources Regolatory Act, 2012
Rajiv Gandhi Tribal University, Udaipur Act, 2012
RNB Global University, Bikaner Act, 2015
Sangam University, Bhilwara Act, 2012
Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice, Jodhpur Act, 2012
Shekhawati University, Sikar (Change of Name) Act, 2014
Shekhawati University, Sikar Act, 2012
Shridhar University, Bigodna (Jhunjhunu) Act, 2010
Sunrise University, Bagad Rajput (Alwar) Act, 2011
Tantia University, Sri Ganganagar Act, 2013
University of Engineering and Management, Jaipur Act, 2012
University of Kota Act, 2003
VIT University, Jaipur (Change of Name) Act, 2013
VIT University, Jaipur Act, 2012