Essay Topics For West Bengal Higher Judicial Service From Past Years

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Write an essay on :

  1. The principle of democracy is subservient to the rule of law [ 10 marks]
  2. “Child-friendly” behaviour in court room- explain the necessity of such behaviour and manner in which the court environment can be improved in this region. [ 10 marks]


Write an essay on :

  1. The role of media in a democratic state
  2. Justice delayed is justice denied- the cause of delay in delivery of justice and the steps that could arrest the accumulation of arrears of pending cases in courts
  3. Working of the constitution   of India  with your views on whether the constitution of India needs to be changed
  4. The collective responsibility of the legal fraternity in spreading legal awareness and providing legal aid to society.


Write an essay on :

  1. How judges and lawyers should conduct themselves in and out of court.
  2. The need to change the education system in our country
  3. Corruption is the major stumbling block for development in India
  4. Gender discrimination in Indian society is one of the foremost matters that need to be addressed.


Write an essay on :

  1. Reserving seats in parliament or legislative assemblies or local bodies is not the right approach for eradicating gender discrimination.
  2. The principal contribution of Hindi cinema has been to give India a commonly understood language.
  3. Media trial and the need for restraint
  4. Commercialisation of sports and games in our country



Write an essay on :

  1. Corruption amounts to Human right Violation
  2. The media in India needs to be monitored by a statutory watchdog
  3. the future of Democracy in India
  4. Curbing Corruption in India


Write an essay on :

  1. why some men Succeed in Life and others do not
  2. Foreign direct investment in India
  3. The Judiciary`s role in helping the lot of poor and marginalized as envisaged in the constitution of India.
  4. environmental degradation may hasten the extinction of the human species.


Write an essay on :

  1. death penalty – should it be retained or abolished?
  2. Corruption cannot be eradicated without the objectivity and commitment of the judiciary
  3. judicial activism is not a bad thing, unless a judge is an activist, there can be no justice by the constitution.
  4. The concern for preserving the environment should be transcend national and regional interests.


Write an essay on :

  1. The Fundamental Rights in Part 3 of the Indian Constitution – an overview.
  2. Rule of law is more important than democracy.
  3. should Euthanasia be legalized?
  4. a judicial carer and job satisfaction.


Write an essay on :

  1. Should celebrities who break the law face stricter penalties?
  2. The pleasure of Reading.
  3. Role of Judges in shaping the Country’s future.
  4. freedom of speech is the fundamental basis of democracy.


Write an essay on :

  1. 69 years of independence – has India achieved the goals set out in the preamble to the Constitution of India?
  2. what is your opinion on extensive use of arbitration as a dispute redressal mechanism in India?
  3. The procedure is the handmaid of justice- explain.
  4. The doctrine of Legitimate Expectation in the Indian jurisprudence.
  5. the Constitution of India is the mother of all laws of the land.
  6. Right to free speech cannot mean that a citizen can defame others -Discuss


Write an essay on :

  1. equity will not allow a remedy that is contrary to law.
  2. Justice must not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.
  3. Life imprisonment vs Death sentence.
  4. Gender discrimination cannot be eradicated without affirmative action.

Comment: Onward the year 2018, the pattern of examination has been changed, only two essays have been given and the candidate has to write both questions. One can not afford more than 15 minutes in writing of one essay and the length ( though not given in the question paper) should be in between 600-700 words with at least four clear cut divisions –

  • Scope [the idea of the theam]
  • Expansion of the Idea
  • Further expansion of the idea
  • Conclusion with a personal view on the topics.


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