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On the 28th of January, 1950 Supreme Court came in to being. After its inauguration on January 28, 1950, the Supreme Court commenced its sittings in a part of the Parliament House. The Court moved into the present building in 1958. Chief Justice Harilal J.Kania and Justices Saiyid Fazl Ali, M. Patanjali Sastri, Mehr Chand Mahajan, Bijan Kumar Mukherjea and S.R.Das became the first Judges of the Supreme Court of India. First Supreme Court Rule was framed in 1950 and it was replaced by Supreme Court Rule 1966[ Effect from 15th January 1966]. Parliament increased the number of Judges from 8 in 1950 to 11 in 1956 [Originally it was 7 only].

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