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Role of Revenue Munshikhana in West Bengal


Govt of West Bengal

R.M. section performs important regulatory functions on behalf of the Collector and the District Magistrate. This section deals with matters relating to Civil suits, Civil rules, Non-Judicial stamps & Court fees, determination of legal heirs, valuation of probate cases, engagement of GPs and conduct of departmental proceeding etc,

Revenue Munshikhana mainly deals with the collection of revenue of the State Government in the District including Electricity Duty. It also monitors resource mobilization in the district.

The Section also deals with the cases relating to the Indian Stamp Manual such as stamp refund cases and deficit value of stamps while registering instruments. Matters regarding probate cases, motor accident claims cases etc. are also looked after by the section. One of the main functions of this Section is to pursue Civil Rules and Civil Suits through the Ld Legal Remembrancer, and appointment of lawyers for defending Government cases. A large number of notices under Section 80 C.P.C. are received which are attended too.

Issue of Licenses to the shops and stalls within the Collectorate compound and within the compounds of the Offices of Sub-Divisional Officers are also looked after by this Section.

The Revenue Munshikhana deals with the matter of realization of Electric Duty. As per sub-section (4) of Section 5 of the Electricity Duty Act, 1953, in the case of energy other than energy supplied by a license (or the State Government) the person who generates or
supplies such energy has to pay to the State Government Electricity Duty at the prescribed rate payable under section 3 of the units of such energy.

The Collector of Revenue Munshikhana realizes the Electricity duty from the person and
the firms, who generate electricity through diesel generator irrespective of whether they
use it themselves of supply it to others.

The Revenue Mushikhana Section looks after the following works :

1.Filing and processing of cases under The Essential Commodities Act ,1955
2.Filing and processing of cases of Rent Control ( H.R.C.) Cases
3. Filing and processing impounding cases
4. Assessment of valuation of land under probate cases
5.Proceeding of Bhag Chas cases
6. Ascertaining legal heirs of the deceased Govt. and Semi Govt. employees and issuance of certificate
7.Issuance of license to the Stamp Vendors , keeping vigilance on stock register of the Stamp Vendors and refunding disputed or unused stamps
8.Collection of reports from different revenue earning departments and after compilation sending the same to the Divisional Commissioners , Jalpaiguri and Finance Department
9.Conducting Departmental proceeding against any employees of the Collector


  • Revenue Peshkar
  • U.D Clerk
  • L.D. Clerk (Typist)
  • Group “D”
  • Orderly to O.C

Registers maintained in this Department:

i. Attendance Register.
ii. Index Register.
iii. Receipt Register.
iv. Issue Register.
v. Allotment Register.
vi. Bill Transit Register for Stamp Refund cases.
vii. Legal heirs verification Register.
viii. High Court Register.
ix. Civil suit Register.
x. Civil Rule Register.
xi. Appeal case Register.
xii. Probate case Register.
xiii. 80 C.P.C. case Register.
xiv. Casual leave Register.
xv. Demand Register for Electricity Duty.
xvi. Challan Register.
xvii. Spoil NJ Stamp Register.
xviii. Register of Register.
xix. Official book Register.
xx. Stamp Vendor License Register.
xxi. Peon book.
xxii. Guard File.

ACTS & RULES & REGULATION dealt in the department:

i. Bangla Electricity Duty Acts 1935 & Bengal Electricity Duty Rule 1935
ii. Indian Stamp Act 1899.
iii. West Bengal Service (Clarification control and Appeal Rules 1935
iv. W.B. Service Rule 1935.
v. WBSR part-I & II.
vi. West Bengal Finance Rule Vol-I & II.
vii. Court fee Manuals 1940
viii. Civil suit Rules.
ix. Administrative Tribunal Act 1985.


The Account of Revenue Munshikhana Section has been Audited by the A.G West
Bengal and replies to the Audit queries are not pending.

Additional Duities

  • Departmental proceedings;
  • Vigilance Enquiries Correspondences;
  • Execution of CourtsOrder in civil matters;
  • Preparation of Panel G.P. and Panel lawyers;
  • Engagement of G.P. and panel lawyears in District and Lower Courts and State Advocates in High Court and Tribunals;
  • Certificate power vesting to Dy. Magistrate and Dy. Collector ;
  • Advocatesfees bill;
  • Refund of N.J. Stamp Value;
  • Probate Cases; Adjudication of power of Attorney;
  • Stamp Vendors License ; Money Lending License Correspondences;
  • SARFAESI Act Cases;
  • Wakf Estates Cases; Determination of Legal heirs of deceased Govt. Officials;
  • Electricity consumption Statement,
  • Audit Matters,
  • Misc Correspondences,
  • Selection and appointment of Marriage Registers  Correspondences thereof.

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