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Advocatetanmoy Law Library is hereby presenting a POWERFUL LEGAL RESEARCH PLATFORM. We cherish a strong belief and avail a passionate desire that the field of law shall be open to all, especially those who are without having a legal background. Our commitment towards the lay people has been given preference. Law library desires to collect the whole corpus of legal knowledge and to redistribute it for the common good. Again we have collected and written scholarly legal articles and thoroughly analyzed Government regulations, judicial opinions and observed legal systems of a particular country. This Law Library has been working on a pro-bono basis, therefore all the materials available in our database are given free of cost. Further, the Law library database is unique in its nature and classified more than one million pages covering multiple legal topics, which truly make this Law Library an Enterprise Legal Research Platform for students, professionals, and Government agencies.

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Concerned Areas

Administration of Law and justice
Argument of a Lawyer and Precedent.
Competition Laws.
Creative and Intellectual Rights.
Essentiality of Scientific Hearing.
Government, Law, and Politics.
Judgment Delivery and Observation of Judge.
Life, Health and the Biosphere Law.
Legal Literature and Legal Culture.

Mass education and legal education
Philosophy and Legal Heritage
Religion and Society Law
Universal Law and Human Rights

Law Library  Features:

  • Encyclopedia
  • Baseline Dictionaries
  • Judgment Support
  • Procedural Guidance
  • Statute Explanation
  • Law Points
  • Contextualization
  • Interactive session
  • Interlinking


Administrative Law-Admiralty-Alternative Dispute Resolution-Alternative Service Providers-Antitrust-Automotive-Awards

Banking & Finance-Bankruptcy-Bar Associations

Data and Data protection-Business Torts

Capital Markets-Civil Appeals-Civil Rights-Class Actions-Commercial Litigation-Coin and Currency-Communications –Media-Constitutional Law-Consumer Products-Consumer Protection-Contractual Disputes-Copyrights-Corporate Entities-Corporate Governance-Corporate Representation-Court Administration-Creditors’ and Debtors’-Criminal Appeals-Criminal Law-Cyber security

Damages-Deals & Transactions-Discovery

Education Law-Elder Law-Election and Political Law-Employment Law-Energy and Natural Resources-Entertainment and Sports-Environmental Law-Evidence-Expert Witness

Family Law-Food and Drugs-Foreign Direct Investment

Gender discrimination-Law Firms-Government-Gold

Health Care Law-Hedge Funds

Immigration Law-Information Governance -Initial Public Offerings-Innovation-Insurance Law-Insurance Litigation-Intellectual Property-Private law

International Law-Asia and Australasia-Africa and Middle East-Europe-Latin America-North America-United Kingdom

Internet Law-Judges-Judicial Ethics-Labor Law-Land Use and Planning-Landlord Tenant-Law Department-Bankruptcy and Dissolution

Lawyer Compensation-Lawyer Compensation-Legal Education-Legal Ethics and Discipline-Legal Malpractice-Legislation-Litigation-Litigation Funding-Lobbying

Narcotic Drug-Mass Tort-Medical Malpractice-Mergers and Acquisitions-Military Law-Motor Vehicle Torts -Occupational Safety -Offshore Law

Patent Litigation-Personal Injury-Pharmaceuticals-Practice Skills-Premises Liability-Price control-Privacy-Private Equity and Venture Capital-Pro Bono-Products Liability-Project Finance-Public Records-Public Utilities

Real Estate-Risk & Compliance-Securities Litigation-Social Media-Tax-Telecommunications-Trade Secrets-Trademarks-Transportation-Travel and Tourism-Trusts and Estates

USA Supreme Court-Indian Supreme Court-British Supreme Court-

Wage -Whistleblower Laws-White Collar Crime-Women Law-Wrongful Death-

Industries-Accounting-Advertising-Aerospace-Agriculture-Automotive-Brokerage-Biotechnology -Cargo and Shipping-Chemicals and Materials -Consumer Products-Construction-Defense-Distribution and Wholesale -E-commerce-Energy-Hardware-Manufacturing-Mining and Resources-NGO and Non-Profit-Pharmaceuticals-Recruitment and Staffing-Retail-Software-Local Government

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