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“Advocatetanmoy Law Library” refers to a legal resource website run by Advocatetanmoy Law Library (ATLL). The website offers a vast collection of legal information, including case laws, legal articles, statutes, and other legal materials from various jurisdictions.

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Advocatetanmoy Law Library is hereby presenting a  Free Powerful Legal Research Platform and Library.

We cherish a strong belief and avail a passionate desire that the field of law shall be open to all, especially those who are without having a legal background. Our commitment to the laypeople has been given preference. The Law library desires to collect the whole corpus of legal knowledge and redistribute it for the common good. Again we have collected and written scholarly legal articles and thoroughly analyzed Government regulations, judicial opinions, and observed the legal systems of a particular country. This Law Library has been working on a pro-bono basis, therefore all the materials available in our database are given free of cost. Further, the Law Library database is unique in its nature and classified more than one million pages covering multiple legal topics, which truly makes this Law Library an Enterprise Legal Research Platform for students, professionals, and Government agencies.

The library covered various areas of law, such as civil law, criminal law, constitutional law, corporate law, intellectual property law, and more. It aimed to make legal information easily accessible and free to the public, contributing to legal education and awareness.

Advocatetanmoy Law Library (ATLL) offered a comprehensive collection of legal resources, including:

Case Laws: The website provided access to a wide range of case laws from various Indian courts, including the Supreme Court of India and High Courts, as well as international courts.

Statutes: Users could find the full text of Indian laws, acts, and regulations, making it a valuable resource for legal research.

Legal Articles: The website featured articles on various legal topics authored by legal experts and practitioners.

Legal Maxims: A compilation of legal maxims and principles commonly referred to in legal proceedings.

Legal News: Updates and news related to legal developments and court rulings.

Legal Dictionary: A glossary of legal terms to aid users in understanding legal terminology.

Search Direction : 

  1. Google search: Write down a proposition +advocatetanmoy
  2. Google Custom Search
  3. In web search: Top of the Law Library site you shall get the Search Console
  4. Tag search through Tag Mark

Concerned Areas

  • Administration of Law and Justice
  • Argument of a Lawyer and Precedent.
  • Competition Laws.
  • Creative and Intellectual Rights.
  • Essentiality of Scientific Hearing.
  • Government, Law, and Politics.
  • Judgment Delivery and Observation of Judge.
  • Life, Health and the Biosphere Law.
  • Legal Literature and Legal Culture.
  • Mass education and legal education
  • Philosophy and Legal Heritage
  • Religion and Society Law
  • Universal Law and Human Rights

Law Library  Features:

  • Encyclopedia
  • Baseline Dictionaries
  • Judgment Support
  • Procedural Guidance
  • Statute Explanation
  • Law Points
  • Contextualization
  • Interactive session
  • Interlinking

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