1.  Explain what is not evidence before a court of law. In this line whether an affidavit can be said as evidence of a fact?
  2. What is fact in issue? How it is different from relevant fact?
  3. Whether a Dying declaration is a conclusive proof for establishing dowry death?
  4. What is permissible hearsay evidence?
  5. Whether inferential evidence has any place under the scheme of Indian Evidence Act ?
  6. Whether Circumstantial evidence needs corroboration?
  7.  A Police officer[IO] submitted several documents with his Report, but at the time of trial, the prosecution failed to identify any document or to mark as Court Exhibit- Explain the consequences with the help of law.
  8. How to prove motive and intention in a rape case?
  9. At the time of search for an offence of Murder, police recovered a laptop, some incriminating photos from the hard disk, how the prosecution shall prove the relevancy of recovered articles?
  10. What is an admission? Whether admission is direct evidence or indirect evidence?
  11. What is secondary evidence? How to prove a xerox copy of a certified registered gift deed?
  12. How to prove a Will, where both the attesting witnesses died earlier?
  13. In a suit for partition, the plaintiff produced Land Records – whether he needs to prove the same?
  14. What is Estoppel? What is the evidentiary value of it?
  15. In which cases Indirect oral evidence shall be permitted?
  16. where evidence recorded through VDO Conferencing in a Criminal trial is valid?
  17. Explain the evidentiary value of CCTV footage?
  18. Distinguish between the presumption of law and presumption of facts?
  19. Whether illegally collected Evidence by police is admissible?
  20. Elucidate the credibility of Defence evidence in a murder trial.
  21. What is a judicial proceeding?
  22. An eyewitness said there was rape, but the doctor said there was no rape – who shall be believed.
  23. Explain section 144 of the Evidence Act.
  24.  A Judge to decide as to the admissibility of evidence u/s 136- Explain.
  25. When a witness shall be compelled to answer a specific question? whether a scandalous question can be asked u/s 147?

Write short notes :

  1. Res gastae
  2. Accomplice
  3. Test identification parade
  4. Plea of alibi
  5. Leading question
  6. Cross-examination
  7. Character evidence
  8. Number of witnesses
  9. Suicide note
  10. Extra-Judicial confession
  11. Hostile witness
  12. Public records
  13. Benefit of doubt
  14. Child witness
  15. Corpus delicti
  16. Evidence of approver
  17. Identification in court
  18. The probative value of a piece of  evidence
  19. Police custody
  20. Discovery
  21. FSL Report
  22. The opinion of Handwriting Expert
  23. private document
  24. Onus probandi
  25. Refreshing memory