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India with Israel voted against Palestinian NGO connected with terrorism in UN

June 12, 2019: For the first time in History India voted in favour of a decision introduced by Israel in the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) objecting to granting consultative status to a Palestinian non-governmental organisation called Shahid, on the ground that the organisation is connected with Hamas. The US has listed Hamas as a “foreign terrorist organisation”.

The decision was adopted by a recorded vote of 28 in favour to 15 against, with five abstentions. Countries voting in favour of the decision were Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Economic and Social Council decides to return the application of Palestinian Association for Human Rights – Witness to the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations

Israel previously designated Shahid as a terrorist organisation for its links to Hamas and the Iranian-inspired Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is the United Nations’ central platform for reflection, debate, and innovative thinking on sustainable development. It engages a wide variety of stakeholders – policymakers, parliamentarians, academics, major groups, foundations, business sector representatives and 3,200+ registered non-governmental organizations – in a productive dialogue on sustainable development through a programmatic cycle of meetings. The work of the Council is guided by an issue-based approach, and there is an annual theme that accompanies each programmatic cycle, ensuring a sustained and focused discussion among multiple stakeholders.

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