Medical Jurisprudence

Modi’s Medical Jurisprudence & Toxicology, 22nd Edition


Section I – Medical Jurisprudence

1- Legal Procedure in Criminal Courts
2. History of Forensic Medicine
3. Personal Identity
4. Postmortem Examination (Autopsy)
5. Exhumation
6. Postmortem Artefacts
7. Examination of Biological Stains and Hair
8. Death in its Medico-Legal Aspects
9. Deaths from Asphyxia
10.Death from Starvation, Cold and Heat
11.Injuries from Burns, Scalds, Lightning and Electricity
12.Injuries by Mechanical Violence
13.The Medico-Legal Aspects of Wounds
14.Traffic Injuries
15.Regional Injuries
16.Impotence, Sterility and Artificial Insemination
17.Virginity, Pregnancy and Delivery
18.Sexual Offences
19.Legitimacy and Legal Aspects of Marriage Annulment
21.Abortion and Medical Termination of Pregnancy
22.Medico Legal Aspects of Sterilisation
23.Insanity and Its Medico-Legal Aspects
24.Law in Relation to Medical Men
25.Torture and Medicine

Section II – Toxicology

1- Poisons and Their Medico-Legal Aspects
2. Corrosive Poisons
3. Inorganic Irritant Poisons (I)
4. Inorganic Irritant Poisons (II)
5. Organic Irritant Poisons (I)
6. Organic Irritant Poisons (II)
7. Mechanical Instant Poisons
8. Somniferous Cerebral Poisons
9. Inebriant Cerebral Poisons
10.Deliriant Cerebral Poisons
11.Spinal Poisons
12.Cardiac Poisons
13.Asphyxiants (Irrespirable Gases)
14.Peripheral (Neural) poisons

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