The members of the assembly of Narasinga-chaturvedimangalam, a brahmadeya in Avur-kurram, (a subdivision) of Nittavinoda-valanadu, have received from Sri-Rajendra-Choladeva, two hundred kasu out of the money which the servants of the minor treasure had deposited, until the tenth year, on account of the offerings and other expenses required for these, (viz.,) (the image of) Mahameru-Vitankar set up by the lord Sri-Rajarajadeva and (that of) his consort. For (these two hundred kasu, the former) have to measure every year, as long as the moon the sun endure, fifty kalam of paddy into Tanjai-Vidanga, the big treasury of the lord at Tanjavur, by the marakkal called (after) Adavallan, which is equal to a rajakesari  the rate of interest being three kuruni of paddy per year for each kasu (measured) by the marakkal called (after) Adavallan which is equal to a rajakesari.

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