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It is hereby enacted, that from the day of the passing of this Act, any person may hold Capital Stock of the Bank of Bengal to an amount not exceeding 1,60,000 Company’s Rupees, and that any existing Proprietor of Stock of the said Bank, may subscribe for additional Stock of the said Bank in proportion to his interest, any restriction in the Charter of the said Bank contained notwithstanding.

Performance bond and performance guarantee

A bank which gives a performance guarantee must honour that guarantee according to its terms. It is not concerned in the least with the relations between the supplier and the customer: nor with question whether the supplier has performed his contractual obligation or not; nor with the question whether supplier is in default or not.

Letter of credit

It was independent of and unqualified by the contract of sale or other underlying transactions. It was a mechanism of great importance in international trade and any interference with that mechanism was bound to have serious repercussions on the international trade of this country.


An Act to provide for the licensing and regulation of payment service providers, the oversight of payment systems, and connected matters, to repeal the Money‑changing and Remittance Businesses Act (Chapter 187 of the 2008 Revised Edition) and the Payment Systems (Oversight) Act (Chapter 222A of the 2007 Revised Edition), and to make consequential and related amendments to certain other Acts.

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