Act on the Federal Constitutional Court-Germany

They must be qualified to hold judicial office under the German Judiciary Act or must be the holder of the Diplomjurist degree awarded before 3 October 1990 in the territory referred to in Article 3 of the Unification Treaty and must be allowed to take up a regulated legal profession in accordance with the provisions of the Unification Treaty. If a lawyer is appointed as Justice of the Federal Constitutional Court, his or her rights arising from admission to practise as a lawyer shall be suspended for the duration of the period of office.

Code of Conduct for the Justices of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany

The members of the Court exercise their duties independently and impartially, without bias as to personal, social or political interests or relations. In their entire conduct, they are mindful of ensuring that no doubts arise concerning their neutrality in the exercise of their office with regard to social, political, religious or ideological groups. This does not exclude affiliation with and, subject to due restraint, involvement in such groups as well as participating in the general social discourse.