Role of Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center

IN-SPACe is an independent nodal agency


IN-SPACe is an independent nodal agency under Department of Space for allowing space activities and usage of DOS owned facilities by NGPEs as well as to prioritise the launch manifest.

IN-SPACe will have a Chairman, technical experts for space activities, Safety expert, experts from Academia and Industries, Legal and Strategic experts from other departments, members from PMO and MEA of Government of India.
Monitoring and Promotion Directorate of IN-SPACe will have the oversight of the activities as per IN-SPACe decisions and shall report back to IN-SPACe for corrective actions and resolutions if any. Applicants will be enabled to monitor the progress of their applications through the IN-SPACe online portal. Any disputes in the total process shall be resolved in IN-SPACe and DOS. The unresolved disputes (if any) shall be resolved through an appropriate appellate body. As an interim measure, utilization of TDSAT is suggested. The promotion of space activities by Private entities will also be under the purview of the Directorate.

IN-SPACe is to be established as a single-window nodal agency, with its own cadre, which will permit and oversee the following activities of NGPEs.


Roles and Responsibilities of IN-SPACe


Space activities including building of launch vehicles and satellites and providing space-based services as per the definition of space activities.

Sharing of space infrastructure and premises under the control of ISRO with due considerations to on-going activities.

Establishment of temporary facilities within premises under ISRO control based on

safety norms and feasibility assessment Establishment of new space infrastructure and facilities, by NGPEs, in pursuance of space activities based on safety norms and other statutory guidelines and necessary clearances.

Initiation of launch campaign and launch, based on readiness of launch vehicle and spacecraft systems, ground and user segment.

Building, operation and control of spacecraft for registration as Indian Satellite by NGPEs and all the associated infrastructure for the same.

Usage of spacecraft data and rolling out of space-based services and all the associated infrastructure for the same.

IN-SPACe will draw up an integrated launch manifest considering the requirements for ISRO, NSIL and NGPEs based on priorities and readiness level.

IN-SPACe will work out a suitable mechanism for promotion & hand holding, sharing of technology and expertise to encourage the participation of NGPEs in space activities.

In order to carry out the space activities, capital-intensive, high technology facilities will be required by NGPEs. These facilities, spread across various ISRO Centres, shall be permitted for use by NGPEs.

IN-SPACe will work out a suitable mechanism to offer sharing of technology, expertise and facilities on free of cost wherever feasible or at a reasonable cost basis to promote NGPEs.

IN-SPACe will act as an autonomous body, under DOS, as a single-window nodal agency for enabling and regulating space activities and usage of ISRO facilities by NGPEs.

IN-SPACe will also permit the establishment of facilities, within ISRO premises, based on safety norms and feasibility assessment.

The marketing, sharing and dissemination of remote sensing data shall be governed by Remote sensing policy. Each application requiring examination as per new policy will be examined and permitted by IN-SPACE factoring legal and security aspects.

The decision of IN-SPACe shall be final and binding on all stakeholders including ISRO. NGPEs will not be required to seek separate permission from ISRO.

The architecture of IN-SPACe is given in the Figure below. A multi-disciplinary review and assessment mechanism comprising of four Directorates for Technical, Legal, Safety & Security, Monitoring & Promotion and will assist IN-SPACe in carrying out its functions.


Indian Space Law

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