What is the meaning of Industry under Industrial Relations Code 2020

Industrial Relations Code, 2020

“Industry” means any systematic activity carried on by co-operation between an employer and worker (whether such worker is employed by such employer directly or by or through any agency, including a contractor) for the production, supply or distribution of goods or services with a view to satisfy human wants or wishes (not being wants or wishes which are merely spiritual or religious in nature), whether or not,-

(i) any capital has been invested for the purpose of carrying on such activity; or

(ii) such activity is carried on with a motive to make any gain or profit, but does not include-

(i) institutions owned or managed by organisations wholly or substantially engaged in any charitable, social or philanthropic service; or

(ii) any activity of the appropriate Government relatable to the sovereign functions of the appropriate Government including all the activities carried on by the departments of the Central Government dealing with defence research, atomic energy and space; or

(iii) any domestic service; or

(iv) any other activity as may be notified by the Central Government;

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